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Ao Dai - a Famous Vietnamese Traditional Costumes

By Khanhpv

There may be absolute confidence that the Ao Dai is very well-known in Vietnam and the sector because this is the most famous traditional costume of Vietnam. 

Ao Dai - a famous Vietnamese traditional costumes

 The word “Ao Dai” was at the beginning used inside the 18th century, throughout the Nguyen Dynasty when the primary Nguyen Lord in Hue identified that our costumes have been very just like those worn by the chinese language. He ordered his subordinates to create our very own costumes to differentiate them from different nations. This become additionally the manner to show his ambition to be the king of an impartial land. The first version of Ao Dai had five flaps called “than”: flaps in the the front, flaps in the back, and the closing “than” in the front flaps to symbolize the wearer. This five “than” design represented “Tu Than Phu Mau”, meaning that the four parents (the start mother and father and parents-in-law) usually protect their child

Over the years, Ao Dai went through lots of variations, stricken by Western culture. In the course of French colonialism, a French-educated artist named Cat Tuong, or Le Mur, made a revolution for this outfit layout. He mixed the western dress fashion with the conventional ao dai, making it an awful lot more fitted and in real colonial style, requiring a good-fitting corset. At some point of that length, Ao Dai became promoted as the countrywide costume for the current technology. It had many special patterns all through the decades until its appearance in present day time as the simple, colorful and swish Vietnamese countrywide dress. The present day “Ao Dai” consists of long trousers and a two-flap dress (from waist down, the get dressed splits into front and back flaps). 

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These days, Vietnamese are familiar with Western garb, but the conventional Ao Dai is still a image displaying the splendor of Vietnamese tradition and remains a completely famous garment for formal activities such as weddings or the new year celebrations.

For guys, because the era of Lord Nguyen, guidelines to put on “Ao Dai” are not as strict as for girls. These days, guys once in a while put on it for special occasions however it’s much less famous than for women.

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