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Welcome to the Line Up

By Julianne @julianneinjune
Welcome to the Line Up
So far this summer my day to day makeup has varied but these three products have always been in the mix; the Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner, Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.
This little trio of makeup goodness has become a daily staple for me and fantastic products that are budget friendly?  Welcome to the line up.
Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner:  This is hands down of my favorite products, ever.  Besides having the most wonderful scent this leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth and gives the slightest toning/tightening feeling.  Using a cotton pad I sweep this over my face and neck and enjoy the light rose scent as it tightens my pores without drying out my skin.  I follow up with my Caudaile Beauty Elixir and then moisturize as usual.  My skin looks and feels healthier and smoother and there's a bit more of a glow to it since introducing this into my skincare routine.  One last note about this product is that they have recently changed the packaging so if you're wanting to give this a go be sure to look for it in this new form:

Welcome to the Line Up

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Olay Fresh Effect BB Cream:  This has been my everyday BB cream for about two months now.  It offers light to medium coverage and what I love about it is that it still lets your natural skin show through but just making it look glowing and fresh.  I find this has a very wet consistency so the best way to apply it is by using a light application and giving it a minute to set.  It looks quite sheer at first but sets with nice coverage and leaves a beautiful sheen on the skin that acts as the perfect highlight.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder:  I've heard about this so much on blogs and YouTube that I finally decided to give it a try.  I've never been much for the matte look but this sets my makeup with the perfect natural (not powdery) finish.  I apply this after my BB cream and love how it doesn't take away from the sheen on my skin but rather tones down any shine and keeps it looking flawless all day, which includes being out in the extremely humid sauna-like summer that is Tuscaloosa.
So there it is, three of my new staple products.  I love finding products that stand out and make their way into my everyday line up and I love them even more when they are college-student-budget-friendly.  In fact the only product that even reaches past the $10 mark is the Olay BB Cream which I believe is about $10-$12, and I can live with that ;)
What are some of your permanent-line up items?  Did any of these three make the cut?  Sound off below, I'd love to hear what products are your must haves!
xo Julianne

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