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Weird Running Habits. What Are Yours?

By Brisdon @shutuprun

As I double checked to make sure I double-knotted my shoes and ensured my watch fit on my wrist perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, I wondered if I was the only one who had pre, during and post run rituals/obsessions/habits. These are the little things that we do (or HAVE to do) in order to have the best running experience possible. Call it OCD, call it what you want. Here are a few of mine:

  • My running clothes cannot be loose. It has to not move when I run.
  • I don’t like having things in my pockets. Too much movement. I’d rather stuff gels in my bra.
  • My shoes cannot feel the least bit tight, especially near the ankle. But, they also can’t be too loose or they’ll rub.
  • I need sunglasses on. Always. Even when it’s not sunny.
  • If I’m running without music I replay in my head the last song on heard on the radio before I started my run. For the entire run.
  • I ball my right hand into a fist while running. It gets sweaty.
  • I spit all the time. Excess mucous I guess.
  • I create grocery lists and weekly dinner recipes in my head.
  • I have to drink a Vitamin Water the day before a race. It’s good luck.
  • I wave at cars.
  • Snot rockets galore. Again, the mucous thing.
  • Post run I really like beef jerky. And eggs.
  • I let Heidi (dog, not person) lick the sweat off of me.


Those are some running habits. Here are some random life habits:

  • I always kiss the airplane as I am getting on. That’s why my plane has never crashed.
  • I triple-check the stove before going to bed.
  • I sleep with two pillows. One under my head, one between my legs.

Do you have any weird running or life habits?


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