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Weird Obsessions + a Radical DIY

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

photo stamp app photo stamp app

( How embarrassing am I?! Apps used: Line Camera & EmojiStamp )

Do any of you have weird habits/vices that you just can’t seem to kick? No, I am not talking about weird sh*t like eating your couch cushions/dry wall/emory boards, that is something you should probably keep to yourself (and see a doctor about). I am talking about more menial things, I think they are often referred to as “quirks”. I thought I would take a minute to share my odd little things, which will eventually lead you all straight into a pretty awesome DIY. Got it? Get it? Good.  

& if you have any weird habits, please feel free to share!!

+ I can’t go to sleep without playing a crossword on my iPad (USA Today has a great one). All about that brain training.

+ I like to take pictures of my dog, and than add weird stamps on my iPhone. Scratch that, I just really like taking pictures of my dog.

+ I can’t ever sleep with socks, and having my bed under the covers often gives me anxiety.

+ I can rarely live with out wearing nail polish, and the second I get even the tiniest of chips, I have to repaint them immediately. Good thing I blog for a nail polish company.  See below…

+ I recently have been stockpiling flower essences. They are pretty much amazing.

+ I have a protein smoothie with GF granola almost every night, as well as ONE dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Trader Joes.

+ I really dislike soda, except for Gingerale (or anything with ginger and bubbly for that matter), in which case I always have them on hand and drink them religiously. At least I opt for the healthy Hansen’s version at, even though Canada Dry is sooo much better.

+ I am super paranoid about wrinkles and like to use Frownies as often as possible.

+ I am obsessed with somewhat questionable television: anything and everything on Investigation Discovery, Law & Order SVU, and the best of all- Pretty Little Liars.

nail art nail art nail art nail art nail art

( holy manicures… )

Okay so now I’ve got to talk about Pretty Little Liars for a min. What the hell?! This show has sucked me, and sucked me in hard. The suspense always leaves me dying for more. I mean Toby is A? Ezra has a secret kid? Paige is involved in the A fiasco too? And Caleb? It just gets more and more crazy each episode.

You know what else I reallyyy love about the show? The clothes. That stylist is seriously killing it with each and everyone of them. Recently Aria was rocking an awesome studded sweatshirt, and me and my girl Katie decided it would be the perfect fashion tutorial for our YouTube Channel. Our very first fashion tutorial!!! Holler.

This sweatshirt may very well be my favorite DIY as I am so obsessed with the result (and it was pretty easy), looks like a milli bucks & cost less than $20. Enjoy the viddy and be sure to subscribe!!


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