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Weigh Me?

By Rubytuesday
As you knowMary discharged me this weekAnd from the mental health services It's kind of scary As Mary was always my go to woman in times of crisisShe was close enough to me So that I could tell her anything But she was also far away enough to give me impartial adviceI know that I still have my doctorAnd BredaBut I still think there will be a Maru shaped hole in my lifeFor now anyway 
I always took my lead from Mary as regards weighingWhen my weight was lowShe weighed me every weekSometimes twice a week And as I began to recover She only weighed me from time to timeAnd then I used weigh at home once a weekOf course I have my own scale at home So if I suddenly get an urge to weigh myself I can But now I am wondering how often I should weigh myself Now that I have no one to report toIt's something that I forget to ask Mary about But I have a sneaking suspicion that she would advise me to do it once a weekBut part of me thinks that is too much As weighing at the moment Is not something that is bothering me I think as long as my clothes for meThen I am doing okAlthough I know that my weight tends to fluctuate quite a. It
So I was wondering about youIf you have been discharged from treatmentInpatient or outpatientOr you are recovering Or you are regaining weightOr are weight restored How often do you weigh?How often do you think is healthy?Dos it help you to weigh in recovery?Or does it hinder you?I'd love to know.....

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