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By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Happy Monday!  I am still in Chicago for work, so I am blogging from the Windy City!!  I absolutely love Chicago and the conference is going well, but to say that I am totally BEAT and cannot wait to get home to my boys is an understatement.  Anyways, let’s not dwell on the things I can’t change right now.  So,  I talked last week about how much my workouts suffered and I had an overall tough week, but in hindsight, I am actually really happy that happened.  Why?  Well, sometimes I think you need a “week of suck” so that when you come back, you are thankful for those great workouts/weeks!  I KILLED  my workouts last week,  I felt refreshed, strong and happy.  With that, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts!

Week 5/26-6/1

Monday: I was off for the Memorial Day holiday so in the morning, I spent the day running around after Ashton at the park and during his nap I did the T25 Total Body circuit video. After he woke up, we were off and running again, but once I put him down to bed, I did the Blogilates 5 Best Exercises to Flatten Your Lower Belly and the 5 Minute Ab Express Workout.  It’s always harder for me to stick to a workout plan when I am home with the boys, so I was really proud of myself for starting this week off strong, even when it would be easier to skip my workouts to hang with the boys!

Tuesday: I did the T25 Ab video and also ran 5 incredible miles.  This was my first run since my trail race over a week ago.  I warmed up for a mile at a 9:20 pace and then did a tempo run, ending at 5 miles averaging an 8:45 pace.

5 mile tempo May 27

This was one of those runs where everything felt good. I was pushing myself but not too hard, it was the perfect tempo run where I felt in control and strong.  I was singing my songs (in my head, I wouldn’t want to hurt the ears of my co-workers) and when I finished I rode that high for hours.  It was awesome, it made me remember why I love running so much!!  After we put Ashton to bed, I wanted to get in a really quick ab video before we started game night.  I did the super quick Blogilates Dance with Me Ab Challenge and then enjoyed the rest of the night with Robyn.

Wednesday: I did my T25 Total body video and rode 17.5 miles in my morning spin class.  This was one of the best spin classes I have had in as long as I can remember.  Everything just clicked, I was in the zone, the music rocked, I was totally engaged, dripping sweat and wobbly legged when I got off that bike and had a big smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day.  When I got home and put Ashton to bed, I finished the day off with Blogilates Flat Belly Fat Burner.

Thursday: I did my T25 lower body video followed by a vinyasa flow class at work and then taught Group Power in the evening to one of the best classes.  There were all so engaged and happy, it was an instructors perfect combination! After class and putting Ashton to bed, I spent the rest of the night packing…that’s a workout right?  I mean, I did have to try on all my outfits multiple times with shoes, this of course includes my workout clothes too!!

Friday:  I had an early morning flight to Chicago and once I checked into my hotel it was full steam ahead. I spent the rest of the day in sessions.  I was planning on going to a local core power yoga class, but our shuttle was delayed coming back to the hotel and missed the 6:45 p.m. class, so I took a long walk around the city, grabbed a quick bite to eat and called it a day. Taking a rest day on Friday is no big deal!

Saturday: I got up early and took a beautiful 5 mile run around Chicago.  The hardest part about my run is that my Garmin would not pick up a signal. I tried for just over 10 minutes and it would only get 1/2 the signals in needed. I even did some of my run and tried again but nothing. :(  Thankfully I have GPS on my phone so I was able to see how far I went.  I quickly stopped to take a picture on the way back, it was really pretty. I love running in different cities.

chiago run 1

I think I overdressed because I was SO hot and sweaty after I was done.

chicago run

I’m so glad I am an early morning runner because I didn’t end up getting home from the conference until almost 11 p.m. (such LONG, LONG days) and I was beat and there is NO way I would have done anything once I got back in the evening.

Sunday: I didn’t have to be at an early morning session, so I slept in until 7 a.m. and it was glorious!  I did a hour long Centergy class (yoga) and had to get ready for another LONG day and night at the meeting. 

Overall, I was so happy to leave the week of suck in the rearview mirror and kick some butt this week.  Even though it wasn’t a 100% stellar week given my travel schedule, I am REALLY happy with what I was able to accomplish this week and excited that I finished the first 5 weeks (Alpha Phase) of T25.  I will be reviewing that for you soon!  Now, onto the Beta phase for the next 5 weeks…wish me luck



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