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Weekly Wrap Up

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Hey, hey!  Here we are again, back at Monday!   I don’t know about you all, but it was COLD here this morning.  When I got into my car, it was only 29 degrees outside….YIKES!  That means Winter is on it’s way, but thankfully, the best way to keep warm is to work up a sweat, right? :)  How was your weekend?  I know a lot of you have been out there racing, I have loved seeing my Instagram and FB news feeds packed with race/training pics and lots of PRs!! Keep up the awesome work!!  So, many of you know that I finished my first week of my new job and it was a whirlwind but thankfully my workouts didn’t suffer, I think having consistency in my workout scheduled helped keep me calm (or as calm as I could be given my anxiety over starting a new job!)

So…here’s what last week’s workouts looked like!

Week: 10/13-10/19

Monday: I had Monday off for Columbus Day and spent the day with my boys.  My workout schedule always gets a little messed up when we are all home together, but I was able to get in the PiYo lower body video followed by the upper body videos during Ashton’s nap time!

Tuesday: I got in 5 super sweaty miles in before work with one of my favorite new tops! There is something about skulls on my shirt that makes me feel bad ass when I’m working out (it’s kind of a joke, because I am SO not bad ass, but one can pretend, right??)

tuesday run

Wednesday: I had an all day meeting at work that started early so I only got to stay for 30 mins in spin class, but I was able to push it to my limit and got in just shy of 16 miles, my legs and lungs were burning, but it was awesome!

Thursday: My day on Wednesday was so busy that I missed the sign up for my normal yoga class, so it was full when I arrived in the morning  

 I ended up running 4 miles instead, which was good. I took it easy because my legs were tired, so I finished in 35:53 and I was happy with that. I finished with some foam rolling on my IT bands and called it a day.  I taught Group Power at my gym in the evening and I got even more of a workout than normal because it was so hot and humid in the studio that my mic shorted out and I had to teach 1/2 the class with no mic, meaning, I had to scream over loud music while doing the moves and coaching on form, not my favorite way to teach let me tell you, but I made it through and I don’t think it was terrible for the members so that is always my biggest concern!

Friday: I intended to get in 5 miles in but I made it about 1/4 of a mile and knew it just wasn’t going to happen.  My legs felt like lead.  I still wanted to do cardio so I got on the stair climber and sweat it out for just over 3,000 steps. I was soaked, my quads and calves were on fire and it felt so good!

Saturday: I wanted to do a video during Ashton’s nap but Robyn made plans for some friends to come over in the evening so I wanted to clean up the house.  I swept, vacuumed and steam cleaned all the floors, and cleaned the bathrooms, etc.  Before I knew it, Ashton’s 2 hour nap was over and cleaning was the only workout I got.  I guess Saturday became my rest day but it was all good, we ended up going to a local Apple Festival (see pic below) and we had soccer in the morning, so I got in plenty of movement!

ash at apple fest

Sunday: In addition to doing a bit more cleaning and all my food prep for the week, I got in the PiYo Sculpt video during Ashton’s nap.  It was a pretty low key day, we did our grocery shopping and then didn’t leave the house for the rest of the day, something we don’t typically do all that often!

Overall, it was a good week.  It is going to take some time to find my groove at work but it’s really important to me to keep consistent at the gym. I have been really slacking on doing core specific workouts and I need to fix that.  I know I give my core a workout during every run, spin class, yoga class, etc, but I would like to start focusing on core specific workouts soon…maybe this week will be the start of it? We will see.  Acknowledgment is the first step, right?

Have an awesome week!!


Question of the day

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Did you race?

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