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Weekly Workout Challenge: December 30, 2016

By Pureandsimplenourishment
Weekly Workout Challenge: December 30, 2016
It's Friday which means it's time for your Weekly Workout Challenge. The last workout challenge of 2016. Crazy hey? I can't believe another year has already come and gone...
2016 was a big year for me.  I finished residency (finally!), started my medical practice, bought a house, got 2 new puppies, traveled to Florida and Bali, started my Beautycounter consultant business (best move ever when it has come to earning more money and getting to work with amazing women!) and continued to grow this little blog of mine.

However, it wasn't all sunshine and roses in 2016. There were definitely some low points throughout the year as well. My grandmother passing away, the stress of my rheumatology exams, an emotional end to a long-term relationship (and then later reconciliation) and dealing with a back injury that doesn't seem to want to fully heal. But, you guys know that I don't like focusing on the negatives, and like to view challenges in a positive light. Because some of the greatest learning and healing that we do comes from the challenges and hardships that we face. I firmly believe that.
But let's focus on the task at hand shall we? Getting sweaty! Because fitness is such am important part of overall health, and way too many people neglect this aspect of their health. So I am trying to make it easier for all of you to incorporate regular exercise into your routines by providing you with workouts that are not only challenging, but won't take you hours to do.  This Weekly Workout Challenge takes 30 minutes to do. It's a little longer than some of the other challenges I have posted in the past but you need to continue to challenge your body in order to get results when it comes to fitness. Just do what you can. Modify the weight (or use none) if you need to. Or take extra rest if you need it. We are all at different levels when it comes to fitness, the point is that we are all trying to get better. So listen to your body and do what you can.

Equipment Needed:

Weekly Workout Challenge: December 30, 2016

Set your timer to 10 and 50 second intervals. (The Gymboss timer can do this) 
3 rounds going 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest of:
  • High knees skipping
  • Clean and jerk with dumbbells (I used 15 lb dumbbells) 
  • High knees skipping 
  • Thrusters with dumbbells (I used 15 lb dumbbells)
  • High knees skipping
  • Crunches with dumbbell in hand (I used one 15 lb dumbbell)
  • High knees skipping
  • 2 jumping lunges followed by 2 strict press using a dumbbell (I used one 15lb dumbbell) 
  • High knees skipping
  • Rest (this is optional - if you want to make it more challenging then don't take the rest between rounds) 

That's it! Wasn't that fun?
Now, please make sure that you warm up and cool down before and after every workout you do. This will help you prevent injuries and perform better during your workouts.

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Weekly Workout Challenge: December 30, 2016

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