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Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 8, 2014

Posted on the 08 February 2014 by Ana Hoffman @AnaTrafficCafe
Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 8, 2014

Don’t have the time to read all the marketing news, blog posts, announcements, and other content related to SEO/social media/online marketing published each week?

I’ve got you covered.

I sift through trillions (well, hundreds) of online publications to stay on top of marketing news that might affect your online business.

A note on the new formatting:

I am now embedding news from my Google+ stream into the Weekly Marketing Skinnies.

Why am I doing this?

  1. It helps me to be more efficient.
  2. Hopefully, it’ll help you to better interact with, comment on, and share each bit of news as you wish to.

Here’s what you can do with each post:

embedded google+ marketing news

Let’s start with the news from Traffic Generation Café.


Other than keeping up with marketing news of the week, I’ve been doing a lot of post updating at Traffic Generation Café. Plus, I’ve repurposed some of my [awesome] content into Slideshare presentations, following my own advice on leveraging your existing content.

Slideshare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days

get more slideshare traffic


30 days.

9 presentations.

Over 200K views.

Several first-page Google rankings.

1,400 clicks to Traffic Generation Café and my Facebook fan page.

Over 400 new Facebook fans.

My second largest referral traffic source.

Want some? I don’t blame you. See how I did it.

Or at least check out this [very clever] Slideshare presentation to get the gist:

By the way, if you’d like to embed this presentation into your future blog post (instant content for your blog with minimal work on your part), just hover over the top right corner to get the embed code.

SEO Traffic Guide 2014 – The Short-Attention-Span Version [aka Slideshare Presentation]

For those of you following my Slideshare wows (my account was suspended and deleted without any explanation – details in my Slideshare Traffic post), I am happy to report all is well: I beat them to death with endless emails until they had no choice but to reinstate my account, all views, and all uploads. YES!

On that happy note, I was finally able to publish my Skinny Notes on the latest SEO Guide for non-SEOs - for those of you who thought that some 5,000 words was too much to digest (wooses!).

In case you missed it last week, you should read the full post (almost 1,000 social media shares and 300 comments can’t be wrong!):

SEO Traffic 2014: Your One-Stop Reference Guide for Non-SEOs


Google Sends Manual Actions For Rich Snippet Spam

Google NoFollows Google+ Profile Links

“Action Required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing.”

Google is NOT broken

Semantic Search Seance Part Deux

This is a highly recommended listen for anyone who wants to grow their search engine traffic.

My favorite quote from this show:

eric enge quote google+

By the way, if you love this post thus far and think it would be a valuable read to your followers, share the ish out of it for me, would you?

Social Media

Will Google Glass help Google+ to kick Facebook to the curb?

Facebook Turned 10

And to celebrate…

How’s Your Facebook “Look Back”?

Pinterest Updates Acceptable Use Policy And Cracks Down on Paid Pins

Pinterest Launches New Mobile Website

The Vast Number Of People Who Abandon Twitter

How to Get More Traffic

This week, I have two exceptional resources to help you learn more about driving traffic to your site:

The Ultimate Guide To Traffic – Mark Trueman,

The Ultimate Guide To Blogging: How To Start A Blog That’s Epic – Stuart Walker,

What are your traffic generation wildest dreams?

How to increase web traffic through better click-throughs tip

On a Side Note…

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Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 8, 2014

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Make Money Blogging

AdSense Direct — How to Sell Ad Space

Marketing This & That

Happy Birthday, Mac!

It’s Official: Satya Nadella Is The New Microsoft CEO

Free “Writing Wikipedia Articles” Course Now Open for Registration

Can Yahoo Beat Google?

Emergency Flash update for Windows and Mac users

Vitru: A Tool That Allows You to Take Back Emails

PayPal is giving custom poems away every day until Feb. 13

The True Power behind Traffic Generation Café

Thank You

To all of you who mentioned Traffic Generation Café in any share or form in the past week, my whole-hearted THANK YOU.

Traffic Generation Café would NOT be what it is today without you.

Here are just some of the mentions I came across in the past week:

How To Monetize A Blog | Detailed guide to making money with your blog – Dani Ivanov at

Tips Tuesday – SEO Guide, Theme Design Costs, Build Blog Audience – MaAnna Stephenson at

Blog Post Images: How to Find, Credit and Optimize for Content – William Comcowich at

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