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Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 1, 2014

Posted on the 01 February 2014 by Ana Hoffman @AnaTrafficCafe
Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 1, 2014

Don’t have the time to read all the marketing news, blog posts, announcements, and other content related to SEO/social media/online marketing published each week?

I’ve got you covered.

I sift through trillions (well, hundreds) of online publications to stay on top of marketing news that might affect your online business.

A note on the new formatting:

This week I am testing something new: embedding news from my Google+ stream into this Weekly Marketing Skinny.

Why am I doing this?

  1. It helps me to be more efficient.
  2. Hopefully, it’ll help you to better interact with, comment on, and share each bit of news as you wish to.

Here’s what you can do with each post:

embedded google+ marketing news

Let me know if you like this new format in the comments!

Now let’s start with the news from Traffic Generation Café.


Yippie! I finally published my SEO Traffic Guide for non-SEOs.

Once you check it out, I am sure you’ll understand why it took me a couple of weeks to write it. However, judging by almost 200 comments, 380 +1, 130 tweets in a matter of a couple of days, it was a success. Let me know what you think:

SEO Traffic 2014: Your One-Stop Reference Guide for Non-SEOs

search engine traffic guide 2014

If you want to be found on the web, yesterday’s SEO strategies are simply not good enough today.

Problem is today’s SEO strategies might be exactly what will boot you out of Google search engine rankings tomorrow.

So how do we, everyday bloggers and online business owners, get a shot at any search engine traffic at all?

Is there hope for us, non-SEOs?

Click here to find out (will open in new tab).


“Dear Google, We Can Help With Your Google Rankings”

New video from Matt Cutts: Should I build links using article directories?

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now

How To Analyze A Link: Link Building Basics

Google’s Matt Cutts: We’re Taking Action Against Buzzea, The French Link Network

Matt Cutts On When Old Sites No Longer Rank Well

Google to Affiliates: If you don’t add value, you might be in violation of our guidelines

Quentin Tarantino And Prince Attack Linking

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Social Media

Facebook Turns 10 & Zuckerberg Say You Don’t Have to Be Yourself Any Longer

Facebook is the Most Visited Social Network; Twitter and Google+ Tied for 3rd

Facebook Introduces ‘Paper’ to Help You Follow News

Twitter, CNN, and Dataminr have teamed up to develop a Twitter alert system for journalists

Four Analysis Tools To Help You Harness The Power Of Google Plus

Still on the fence about Google+ comment system on your blog?

Google+ Tip: How to make your still photos not so still any more

Flipboard Releases Badges and Widgets to Promote Your Magazines

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Weekly Marketing Skinny • February 1, 2014

"Ana has a unique insight into running an internet business."
- Yaro Starak,

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Marketing This & That

Check your passwords: Yahoo Mail got hacked

New Web addresses now live: .bike, .guru, others now open

Google Buys Artificial Intelligence Company DeepMind

Yelp to Yelpers: You Have the Right to Express Your Opinion Online

The New Wave of Domain Names: What Is It to You?

In my last Marketing Skinny, I talked about the biggest land rush in the history of the internet – about 1,000 new generic top-level domain names, or gTLDs (the last bit of an internet address, such as the com in will come into existence on Feb. 4 or after.

Well, after that bit of news, the questions rushed in:

  • What does it mean to website owners?
  • Should we rush in and buy out as many new domain names as we can?

+Yaro Starak to the rescue.

He talked about those very things in his latest podcast: 

Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On The New Wave Of Domain Names - Yaro Starak at

For Visual Thinkers: 2 Different Ways To Look At Your Evernote Notes

Now I’ve seen it all…. A White House petition to deport Bieber?

Watch All The 2014 Super Bowl Ads

State of the Union 2014: The Nation’s Reactions, Visualized [INTERACTIVE]

Thank You

To all of you who mentioned Traffic Generation Café in any share or form in the past week, my whole-hearted THANK YOU.

Traffic Generation Café would NOT be what it is today without you.

Here are just some of the mentions I came across in the past week:

Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On The New Wave Of Domain Names – Yaro Starak at

Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: January 31, 2014 – John Anyasor at

Are Facebook & Twitter Contributing to SEO? And By How Much? – Kim Castleberry at

Post Lists on Your Blog and Submit them to Websites – Liliana at

Have I missed your mention? Let me know in the comments!

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