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Weekend Thought : Instagram Vs Twitter - Is There a Winner?

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
Weekend Thought : Instagram Vs Twitter - Is There a Winner?
As I was getting my daily dose of knowledge, this popped up - "Instagram Fight with Twitter Over Images". Not exactly but I just made this title up. But this is the crux of whole story. Instagram is not in mood of letting Twitter receive any benefits from the pictures posted on its stream. Instagram is all over the newspaper, internet and in the mouths of social networking freaks like me. Talking about freaks, I am still not a freak but I know a lot of people live and would probably die on their social networking pages if given a chance.
So, is it going to affect those who are the target of Instagram and Twitter? I meant "us". Is it going to affect us? Probably NOT. But it is definitely going to affect Instagram and Twitter. Instagram thinks Twitter will gain the benefit but the fact is Instagram will also gain benefits because Instagram will gain popularity among those who are not Instagram users.
When I was not using an Android phone I did not have an access to Instagram application. Plus it can NOT be accessed through internet for its "full-fledged" use while Twitter users can tweet from anywhere in the world through internet - from their desktops, laptops and mobiles. So who has fair chances of gaining popularity? I think Instagram. There are many who are not aware of Instagram yet and they might never be and there are some who are not bothered by Instagram because they don't care what phone they are using.
 Per Instagram, "Instagram says it is removing the ability for Twitter to embed photos because it wants users to go to its own website instead of Twitter’s to see that content. Other media companies should probably also be asking themselves similar questions about their relationship with Twitter."[gigaom]
Read this as well-
When are you going to make the app for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, iPad, etc? We are currently working on making the iPhone and Android experiences as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.[Instagram-FAQ]

- So, how many of you who are not using iPhone or Android based phone, are willing to switch to the phones for Instagram? And, how many of you are good using Twitter whenever you want from whatever phone you are using?

 A big question but worth answering!! as it may help Instagram ponder over their own decisions.
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