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Weekend Recap

By Nonibaumann

weekend recap
 a little update and weekend recap on things going on around here...the last days we have been celebrating (and shooting) my friends wedding, which was just wonderful !there was a whole lot of baking, DIY and lots of lovely things going on.they put so much heart in every tiny detail of their wedding. it was a picnic wedding, the weather was beautiful and everyone just enjoyed being there and
everyone will remember this happy day for a long time.
weekend recap
"the love we give away is the only love we keep" Elbert Hubbard
Love is a blessing and we never should take this blessing for granted and cherish it.
Attending weddings and celebrating them with friends also always makes me feel so lucky for my own marriage, which will be already 11 years this july! ( it doesnt feel like that.)the years went by quite fast but it were beautiful years with lots of love. And of course also struggles we had to face and go through it side by side. This molds together. I think our love kept growing, until today We grant that to God, we rely on him and his love to grow in us for our own family and also for others.
weekend recapweekend recapweekend recap
Lovely A+H, we wish you all the best for your marriage.
And that this special love you have also for the details and little things,
will be rooted in your life, that you will remain in making things special in allday life... That you always will celebrate your love  and it will grow day by day...!
we are happy to know you.
weekend recap

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