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Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica
Good afternoon lovelies! Hope all of you are enjoying being back to the daily grind as  much as I am. Ahh okay, I guess it is hard to read sarcasm through text. But yeah, I had such  a nice long weekend and I really didn't want it to end! The past two months I have been  traveling more than usual, and I kind of wanted to keep the momentum going, especially since  we had a 3-day weekend. That being said, I decided to hop on the train for a little adventure  to Santa Monica to visit a friend of mine. I didn't feel like facing the holiday traffic, so I decided  to take my hand at the train. I have only rode the train once, years ago, and I had forgotten  how relaxing & fun it actually is. Maybe my new preferred way to travel? Anyways, once I  got to Santa Monica I was relieved to put behind my life for a minute & just enjoy all the things  around me. Some of the things I did included: eating yummy food, partaking in an intense  bowling tournament (jokes), people watching at the 3rd street promenade, and soaking up the sun.  How did all of you spend your long weekend? Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Cutest store I have seen in a while, Brandy Melville. I have heard a lot about this store, but thought  that it was only located in Orange County. When I saw that they had a Brandy Melville in  Santa Monica I was so stoked! Everything in the store is one size fits most, therefore the garments  are perfectly oversized/baggy & made out of the softest fabrics ever.
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Always getting inspired, and I think that these cloth covered hangers will be great for a  future DIY project. 
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Words to live by: beware of dumb beezies. Ha, love it!!
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Vintage inspired decor, take note of the huge mason jar filled with sewing spools, such a cute idea!
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Jason, doing some light reading while waiting to eat our yummy meal (he was starved).
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Another addition to my ever growing collection of wrist jewelry.  This courage bracelet is a great addition to my collection, as it isn't only cute, but inspiring too. 
Weekend Getaway in Santa Monica Driving back to San Diego after a long & lovely weekend. Oh, and that's Jason driving, same guy  with the nice head of hair in the photo above. 

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