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Weekend Buzz

By Mallynista22 @mallynista22
Once again that's us at another weekend, Again haven't been anywhereor done anything today, I must find my Bluetooth dongle tomorrowfor my netbook. Fi and i had quiche for dinner along with croquettesand the cutest little tub of spaghetti you've ever seen <3Been plugging my new twitter like mad on MySpace todaywhich may still get deleted. We have half a quiche each leftso that's the midnight snack taken care of,and a lovely Lemon Meringue Pie that my mom picked up for us today.Yummeh.This little tykes been asleep on me most of the eveningWeekend BuzzLike i said, i've done nothing, just washed my hair & watched yet more RHOCHave a Great Weekend whatever you're upto
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