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Wednesday's Beauty Tip

By Kellabella @kellabel

Beauty Tip of the Week *Tips for taking great photos* Wednesday's Beauty Tip
I read an article on Total on "How to look good in Every Photo" and thought they had some good tips, ones that I was unaware of. I wanted to share some with you this week:
  • Regardless of the lighting make sure to even out your skin tone. Use yellow toned foundations and concealers for the most natural look. 
  • As far as the eyes, define them and try not to use overly dark eye makeup bc heavy shades can look too harsh. Dont go too black and make sure to blend extremely well.
  • Enhance your lips by going a shade darker than usual
  • PRACTICE- Don't be afraid to practice in your bathroom mirror, the difference between most of us and people that pose for pics for a living is we're not used to getting our pics taken as often.
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK- We all have our good and bad angles, look through pictures to see what angle you look the best in and stick with that. 
  • RELAX- Try not to tense up when getting your pic taken because it shows through the picture. Try and think of something funny that will make you smile from the inside out.
  • BE SUBTLE & HAVE FUN- Don't raise your chin too high or too low (double chin)! Have fun and don't take it too seriously. If your posing for a portrait and don't want to smile, that's ok. Whatever mood you want to portray will show through your eyes

How do you guys feel about being photographed, are you usually comfortable with it or do you tend to tense up?
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