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Wednesday's Beauty Tip

By Kellabella @kellabel
Beauty Tip of The Week WHY YOU SHOULD CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES PRIOR TO FIRST USE Wednesday's Beauty Tip Woman that have sensitive skin or often have skin reactions are skeptickal when buying new makeup. Their afraid  it might make them breakout. Personally I dont have sensitive skin but I have some friends that do. I can understand how annoying it might be not to buy a new product you really want bc you're afraid of your skin reacting to the chemicals. However, the makeup might not be the problem, how often do you wash a makeup brush before you use it for the first time? I'll admit it, I never used to wash my brushes right after I bought them.until recently. It never occurred to me that a lot of brushes are treated with different chemicals that can irritate your skin. Next time you buy new makeup brushes give them a thorough cleaning before you use them, It might be the solution to this annoying problem. Even if you dont have sensitive skin, its a good habit to get in to. 
How many of you wash your brushes before using them for the first time?

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