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By Kellabella @kellabel

Beauty Tip of The Week




This is a tip I’ve been using for about over a year now and thank god for it! I use it  when I apply powder foundation. Ok, here’s the deal.. Have you ever noticed when trying to blend powder  foundation, it sometimes can seem hard to smooth out? Or it looks a little cakey and seems like it’s just sitting on top of your skin instead of blending in?   Well, all you have to do is just add some water! Or if you want, you can use MAC’s FIX +, i-Skin Hydrating Refresher, Evian Facial Spray or you can make your own spray for a few dollars. All of those products have a few things in common, they contain a very important ingredient called glycerin, they are hydrating and they can be used to set your makeup also known as a mixing medium. I use this when I apply powder foundation and it makes such a difference.

Glycerin has an incredible ability to attract moisture and water to your skin. It’s also added to many special beauty products to help your skin feel and look its best.

I’ve used MAC’s FIX + and i- Skin Hydrating Refresher (haven’t tried the Evian Facial Spray) but they have all seemed to do the same thing. Then I saw a tutorial a while ago on how to make your own alternative MAC’s FIX +, so I tried it and its just as good as those other products. Here’s how to make it if your interested:

You need:

- an empty spray bottle

-distilled water or bottled water

-glycerin ( you can pick this up at your local drugstore) I bought a bottle at Walgreens for about $5.

What to do:

- Make sure the spray bottle is washed and cleaned out thoroughly (you can use alcohol to clean it out)

- Measure 3 parts of glycerin and 4 parts of distilled water and pour both parts into the spray bottle.

-Shake it really well to ensure its mixed

**Important** Try to remember the date you made this because you should dump it out and make a new batch after  2 weeks. There are chemicals that can contaminate the mist and do more harm than good to your skin**

How to use it:

My personal routine when using this is to first apply my moisturizer, primer, then you can use any powder foundation you choose to and with a clean makeup sponge apply one layer to your entire face. Then with either your spray you made or bought, give your face a quick spritz and apply another light layer of the powder foundation. You’ll notice this will take away the powdery look from the first layer. It  seems to melt together in a good way, almost like your applying liquid foundation. It also helps to cover up any redness or acne. The final step is to give your face one final spritz to get rid of any kind of powdery look and give it a flawless look. Try to use a kabuki brush, fluffy brush or any kind of brush that will help blend smoothly. Then use the brush (without any makeup on it) and start buffering your face for a few seconds. This should help your skin have a fresh dewy look without the cakey look.

*Depending on your skin type you don’t have to apply 3 layers to your face, you can apply 2 if you don’t have any redness or acne you need to cover. It’s really up to you to determine how much or how little to apply*

*Even if you don’t have glycerin you can try using just some distilled water and you’ll notice a difference*

Let me know if you try this and how you liked it or if any of you have used this method before

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