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Wednesday's Beauty Tip

By Kellabella @kellabel

Beauty Tip of the Week Wednesday's Beauty Tip
THE TURBY TWIST I'm sure a lot of you either have heard of the turby twist or own one but for those of you that dont, you should!! I've been using the turby twist in replace of a towel for a few years now. My favorite thing about the turby twist  is that it reduces blow drying time. Anything that makes my wet hair dry faster is a plus for me!   It's an absorbent twist and loop hair towel that is designed to stay in place. It has a unique tapered design that allows for a perfect fit on all head sizes. 
You know that heavy weight you feel when you have a regular bath towel on your head and sometimes it falls out. Maybe it's just me, but I find it a little annoying. Sometimes I'll forget that I have the turby twist on my head since its so lightweight. 
Besides those reasons I mentioned you can also use it to keep you hair back while washing your face or if your using a deep conditioning treatment, etc. 
Wednesday's Beauty Tip
I've obviously bought more than a few of these for a few years now. I've bought one from Ulta, CVS, the dollar store, etc. and there all the same in my opinion. There all made out of the same material and all worked exactly the same. You can also wash them like you would wash any towel as much as you want. So don't think you have to go buy the more expensive one. Im pretty sure you can find them at any drugstore for a few dollars. 
So that's my little beauty tip for this week. Do you guys own a turby twist, if so do you like them?
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