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By Rubytuesday
Before I get in to this postI want to thank you allFor your comments, emails and texts For you well wishes And kind words of encouragement They mean more than you will ever knowSomething that gives me a real boostIs knowing that all of you beautiful ladies are behind meAnd rooting for meI really feel the love you send my wayAnd it is much appreciated Also I wanted to reply to the anonymous commenter Who implied that I don't have my priorities straightThat I should fit my activities around my jobAnd not the other way around Look To me My riding My meetings And my appointments are all as important to me as my jobMy activities during the week are what keep me going Without them I know I would go down hill very quicklySo as you can imagine I am very keen and determined to keep them up For me My recovery is a combination of things And they are all of equal importance Of course in an ideal world I would work full time And do my bits at the weekend However it is mostly weekends that I am working And I prefer it that way I find weekends can be long and boring So I am excited to be busy doing things at that time I am down to work on Wednesday From 8am - 12pmSo I had to swap with another girl And now I am doing the 4pm - 8pmSo I can still go riding But this still poses a problem In that usually I am wrecked tired after riding And the last thing I am wanting to do is head in to put in a four hour shift at work I will try it for the first few weeks And see how I get on
I rang the other horse riding place todayAnd they can't facilitate my lessons during the weekSo it looks like I will miss riding there for the next while Another thing that was suggested to me Was that when I go out for my lessonThat I stay for two lessons To make it more worth my while But I guess I have to accept that things will be a bit all overcrowd place for the next couple of months And there is sweet f#*k all I can do about that But I trust that it will all work out for the best 
Right I'm off to make dinner for myself and the patientSee you on the next post....

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