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By Rubytuesday
I am feeling pretty bruised todayAfter yesterdayFailing my driving testAnd then being attacked on my own blogBy 'anonymous' of courseBecause these people don't have the courage of their convictionsTo comment under their real nameI'm not getting in to the whole thing again todayI explained myself yesterdayEven though I am under no obligation toI know that I am not doing anything wrongBut yes I have made mistakes I am not perfect Far from itI make mistakes every single dayThat's life That's reality 
This is the thing about writing a blogAnd putting yourself out there You are open to insult and ridicule I know a lot of you disable anonymous comments I haven't done this And I don't plan toBut it means that anyone can say/write anything to you and about you99% of the feedback I get here on my blog is positive I really get very little negative feedbackBut it's okOf course we are not all going to agree all the timeIt was just the way this anonymous comment was wordedWas really nasty and scathing I don't know if this person is a regular readerOr someone who just stumbled across my blogIt doesn't matter But I feel they were having a go at me because they saw an opportunity to bring someone down a peg or two And of course I am human My feelings get hurt I think it's pretty low to kick someone while they are down When they are vulnerable They could have made their point a little more delicately I think
Of courseI am not a special little snowflakeI am a big girl And I can take a bit of criticism It's just that I felt this was an attack More than someone offering some constructive criticism 
LookI am doing my bestPutting my life back together after suffering with many chronic conditionsI do my best to do the right thingTo be a good person Not to hurt myself or anyone else I ask for help everyday To be the best person I can beThe past year has been really toughAs I try and put back together the pieces of my life I know I'm not doing everything perfectlyWho is?I am trying to do the next right thing In every area of my life
I don't know if my anonymous commenter will read this But if you are I would ask you to think before you write/speakYou could have made your point in a very different way Instead You instigated an argument And I didn't know how you felt after itBut I felt pretty rottenI would even go one step furtherAnd invite you to email me To clear things upAs I hate the way they've been leftBut maybe you don't even care Maybe you've already forgotten and moved onI on the other hand Am probably too sensitiveAnd let things like this get to me
I'm just trying to live my life the best way I know howI am not doing anything to provoke or hurt anyone else I am not a bad person At least I don't think I amI really felt attacked yesterday And felt like this person questioned me and my whole lifeI just want to live my life Be a good person Do the right thing And lay my head down at nightKnowing that todayI did my very best 
Everyone makes mistakes It's human nature But those mistakes shouldn't be used against usAgain and againWe should be allowed to make the mistake LearnAnd move onWe can't be tried for our mistakes over and over againThat's just not fair or right
As regards my driving testAl least now I know what I need to work onAnd I know what to expect I will take the time to revise and learn and practice everything I need toAnd apply to do it again soonTo those of you who left lovely comments  and texts Thank you As ever You are there for meAnd I am eternally grateful 

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