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Weddings: The Day He Proposed

By Ninegrandstudent

Whilst the last wedding post was a bit ranty, today’s is a bit of light-hearted fun. I was originally going to talk about dress shopping, as I’d been planning a day of trying-on yesterday for months. In the end I’d decided I would be wedding-dress-ed out so scheduled up this one instead. Guess you’ll have to wait for any sneaky dress details…

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I mentioned in my post all about W’s proposal that I had a strong suspicious it was happening that weekend. For one, he had turned very protective about his phone. He’d taken a phone call shut away in a room months before (five minutes after he proposed, I had it confirmed it was the jewellers!). My mom was hardly speaking to me, and had slightly teared up when she dropped me off at the train station a few weeks earlier. I was trying (and failing) not to get my hopes up…but the whole day was still very tense!

11:00 Assessed lecture time! My last lecture of term was the finale of a simulation where groups of us ran a business producing and selling agricultural machines. It certainly took my mind of the weekend. And the fact that I had to cram a lot of stuff into suitcases…

11:45 Mid-lecture I make the decision to cancel my Shellac nail appointment. I didn’t want it too look too obvious I’d guessed what was going on. And it would be a waste of money if he didn’t propose!

Weddings: The Day He Proposed
Weddings: The Day He Proposed
13:00 It’s Christmassss. I raced out of my lecture and headed to GBK with Libby. I ended up having to send my first burger back (sob) due to tomato contamination, but eventually ended up stuffing my face with all the food. I built my own burger with a combination of smoked applewood cheddar, bacon and a crispy onion ring, with mustard added at the table. So, so good.

15:30 We roll back home, I try to pack but end up having to take a lie-down.

16:30 I squeeze all my bits into two suitcases. I’ve been instructed to pack a small weekend bag (including sensible shoes, warm things, and a nice ‘going out with heels’ dress). I also need to get a load of folders home to do some studying during my four week holiday. Let’s just say I must have looked amusing trying to lug all my stuff around!

17:00 I sit and paint my nails. I decide to go for shiny and clear. That way it doesn’t look too obvious and if he does propose any chips won’t show in ring photos.

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18:00 My housemates take me to the station. Halfway there K comes out with “what if the first thing he does when he sees you is get down on one knee?” I respond confidently; I was pretty sure he’d wait until we got where we were going (I’d guessed that place right too).

18:10 I struggle to the platform with what feels like half my worldly belongings in the cases.

18:15 A quick chat to my mom. I mention K’s prediction. My family dinner suddenly has to come out of the oven immediately, and the phonecall is cut short. I’m oblivious. And cold.

18:25 On my way into London! I sink into a good book, trying not to feel too excited. It had also been one of the longer fortnight gaps between visits for us, so I was looking forward to a good hug!

19:20 Arrive in London. Struggle off the train (though at least someone asked if I needed any help this end!). Lug everything over to Left Luggage and get the big full-of-study-stuff one checked in.

19:25 Text W. Ask if I can meet him slightly earlier than instructed. Request declined, I sit and try to concentrate on my book. And fill in a survey for St Pancras.

Weddings: The Day He Proposed
19:55 I’m too impatient, I announce to W I’m leaving now, not at 8pm, and wander up to Granary Square. (Image Credit: We Believe in Beauty)

19:58 I remember thinking how Christmas the area looked with all the lights. And I’m still absolutely freezing.

19:59 I spy W sitting on the steps by the canal. He waves, I wave back. But he’s not looking at me. I realize he’s mistaken some other girl with a suitcase for me…

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20:00 A long-awaited hug. Apparently he’s only half-leaning in to stop me noticing the great big box in his pocket. Again, I’m completely oblivious. He suggests we sit down, I’m a little reluctant. The steps are concrete, I’m wearing a skirt. And it’s cold.

20:05 We catch up about our last few days (busy with deadlines, we’d hardly spoken). He asked me if I want my surprise yet. I say no. He tells me I’m having it anyway. I now direct you to my proposal story to hear a little more about that as I’m tearing up typing (four months on, slightly pathetic?!)

20:35 We head to our hotel, it suddenly hits me (I’m engaged!) and I laugh manically in a woman’s face. She looks terrified, bless her.

20:45 I “find out” we are going to Edinburgh. I am far too pleased that I guessed that part of the surprise!

21:00 Having cracked open champagne and transferred it to mugs, we start ringing round family. I cry down the phone to my mum, the dog howls down the house phone when I speak to my dad.

22:30 I decide I want a McDonalds. Bad decision. I spend the majority of the early hours feeling rather ill in the bathroom…

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So there’s a glimpse into one of the best days of my life. What is your happiest memory?

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