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Webby Woes, the Joys of Self-Hosting Your Site

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Webby Woes: The Joys of Self-Hosting Your Site

Last week I was contacted by my web host who told me my site was using too many CPU’s. Instantly I thought “Not again!” This was the same thing that happened to me with my previous host AND what my now current host said I wouldn’t encounter with them.

Let’s backtrack

Previously that day I put my site on lockdown (Maintenance) because I noticed some unusual behavior. My site was running very slow AND the blog posts would not show up. Very odd for me to encounter issues like this. I disabled all my plugins and one-by-one reactivated them. I thought I found the issue to be my Premium Social Warfare plugin because as soon as I activated it, the blog posts disappeared. I assumed it was something in the latest update for the plugin and would contact them later about it when I was less STRESSED.

Fast forward to my web host

I asked them how I could fix the issue. They gave me suggestions on Optimizing.

  • Analyze tables
  • Repair tables
  • Optimize tables

I did all they suggested. They also recommended a new plugin WP-Optimizeto use instead of my other that apparently wasn’t doing a good enough job. Thankfully, following their suggestions, they lifted the ban limits on my site and we should be good to go now.

The Domino Effect

Thinking it was also a “theme” issue, I disabled it and went back to the Genesis Framework to work out any issues. Yeah, that wasn’t good enough for me. I started to hunt for new themes and decided since my site had been down for more than half the day, what’s another few hours?

I found this theme that appeared to be clean and feminine to me. With a few tweaks of my own, here we are. However, you’ll notice my cool looking share buttons from Social Warfare are not longer to be seen. Yeah, I still haven’t contacted them and decided to use the good old trust Jetpack sharing option.

The Domino Effect

I’ve had a gazillion themes for MGP

Over the past 3 years with MGP, I have used over a dozen themes. I swear I had A.D.D. and just can’t keep the same theme for long. Plus I also noticed that a fellow blogger was using the same theme as me, different color, and I wanted to be more unique.

So, what do you think of my new theme? Clean? User-friendly? Feminine?

I’m not done yet!

From here forward

I’ve done some searching over the past several months when it comes to MGP. I lost my way once more when I started to monetize it. Big mistake! I lost the true focus of My Girly Parts and that is to talk about Life, Love, Health, Relationships, and our journey into mid-life and beyond.

I’m regrouping. Previously, I found that my most intimate posts were the best. A lot of views, some comments, and emails from those who did not want to reply publicly. I’m taking it back there my friends.

I’m taking it back to what worked and what was real and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

New Contributors

If you haven’t signed up for the Newsletter, I highly suggest you do. There are times when Important News will be shared. Most recently, we had two (2) new ladies join Team MGP:

  • Zoe Clark
  • Julia Jones

I hope you’ll embrace them as sisters as they are bringing valuable content to MGP, as well as our other active Team Members, Nataly Auger and Cori Ramos.

I’m excited!

I’m very excited about trying to get back to “what was” and to try and build our Community more! It will take some time but I believe it will happen once again.

Over to you

In your blogging journey, how many times have you stopped to refocus and rebrand yourself? Is it something we must do as bloggers in order to grow and evolve? I’d love to hear from you!

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Webby Woes, the Joys of Self-Hosting Your Site
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