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We'll Take Manhatten

By Hanamarie @HanaMarie__
'We'll take Manhatten' 2012 is a BBC drama which has been broadcasted recently.I watched this drama the other day, and learnt a lot about how David Bailey and the unknown model Jean Shrimpton did to change the worlds view on fashion.The story which is set in the 60's shows young bailey the cockney photographer starting his career and the risks he took to gain his success today.We see bailey meet a young Jean and there love affair which grows as they work with each other.The drama then goes on to show show how bailey gained work at Vogue magazine, which at the time was leading in prestigious fashion and was over ran by women with titles and wealthy backgrounds.Bailey wanted to change all these perceptions, so he chose Jean a timid young model to fly with him to New York to created many iconic shoots which changed his life and also created a fashion movement.Bailey's strong ego and belief in change is shown strongly as he battles with the fashion editor lady C. Throughout the drama we see how forward thinking bailey is and how New York and London were needing to change to embraced the times,to what we now know as young culture.This two young people had no intentions to make such big change in the fashion world to date, and Vogue and all other fashion publications would of never developed forward if it wasn't for bailey strong creative vision and Jean distinctive young natural look.
Here is a link to watch this online on BBC i-player :
Aneurin Barnard & Karen Gillan : Playing David Bailey & Jean Shrimpton
We'll take Manhatten
Orginal photgraph of Bailey and Jean 1962
We'll take Manhatten
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