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We Are All Jews Now!

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Calvinthedog

The American people are really nothing but a bunch of Jews anymore anyway, as Christian propriety in terms of behavior and business was long since overridden by what I call “the Jewish spirit.” The Jewish spirit, as Marx noted in his classic essay, is nothing more than “the spirit of hucksterism.” The Jew has no religion above and beyond that of money. 150 years ago, Marx predicted that America would become the first Jewish country, and he has been proven correct.

This is why American anti-Semitism has not made sense for a long time. The American people are a Jewish people. We are “Judaized Gentiles” – Jews in spirit if not in faith or birth. Since probably 90% of US Gentiles are nothing but a bunch of Jews anyway, why hate the real thing? What’s the difference between the 2% real deal Jews, 500 years kosher, and the newly minted Judaized Gentile Jews. Not a whole lot, except that the “new Jews” are probably even worse than the genetic kind!

This puts the US anti-Semite in a tough spot. He wants to persecute US Jews in all sorts of ways, but he can’t do this without attacking 90% of US White society. If a US Nazi wants to start a pogrom against the Jews, he needs to start with his Pentecostal neighbors next door!

Oh what a dilemma!

When we understand that America is a Jewish country and the Americans are a Jewish people, then support for Israel makes so much sense. Americans after all are only supporting their Jewish brothers in Israel.

We are all Jews now!

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