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By Juanatravels
Wataweekend!I had a relatively productive weekend and I'm sooo happy about it! Yipeee!  :):):)  I got home past 3am Saturday morning from the office which was okay since I was really into the tasks I needed to finish for work and I was kind of enjoying it anyway.  I thought I wouldn't be able to nap, but I did around 7am.   I got up around lunch time but got ready to go out instead and was at Shangri-la mall before 2pm.M and I saw two films from the French Film Festival and definitely had a blast!  I was a few minutes late for Adèle Blanc Sec, which I found unexpectedly entertaining. It's a comedy film about Adèle's and her quest to 'cure' her sister.  When I was going through the line-up for the festival, this was one of the films at the bottom of the list but I'm glad I got to watch it!  We saw Les Enfant de Timpelbach next.  I didn't find it as nice as Adèle Blanc Sec but I did find a bunch of kids too cute not to fall in love with.  Fat Paul and his french fries definitely made me smile. :)  Both films were very entertaining. I wouldn't have spent my Saturday any other way.
I had been looking forward to Max's Chicken-All-You-Can but since the movie didn't end til after 8pm, we decided to postpone it for another day.  The promotion won't end til the 10th of July anyway.  But since I had been constantly craving for fried chicken for the past couple of weeks, I dragged him to KFC for a bucket meal to satiate my fried chicken cravings once and for all.  And luckily, after devouring 4 pieces of chicken, a serving of rice, coleslaw and fries, the strategy worked. Although dinner was really good, I think I won't be taking another bite of fried chicken for the rest of the year. har har.
We had lots of plans for today which included yoga, running a few kilometers, grocery shopping and another round of movies but none materialized since I only managed to get up after 11am. It was okay though since I was still able to get a haircut after Sunday service.  I just went to the one closest to my place and is kind of disappointed with the cut I got so I might go for another one someplace else hopefully, before the week ends. I also got to fix my closet and, surprise surprise! clean my room as well.  Yehey!  Can't wait to sleep in my tidy room with clean sheets to boot after a nice cool bath. Will probably finish the posts on the books I've read the past months in the coming days.  I can hear my bed calling me now.  Ha det!COPYRIGHT © 2011 JuanaTravels.

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