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Birthday Travel: Finnish Sauna

By Juanatravels
Four years ago, I decided to spend my birthday weekend someplace new and ended up couchsurfing in Finland (more on my Finland/Estonia trip in another post.)  My host invited me to tag along to an outdoor sauna right outside Helsinki with her friends, which I gladly accepted.  Good thing I opted to skip tourist-y stuff that day as I had a grand time!  
I recently found myself cleaning my hard drive and thought I'd post this photo of that icy lake we enjoyed dipping into after steaming ourselves for a few minutes in the sauna. I think I only stopped after I realized I was starting to show red "spider webs" on my back, from the heat and the cold, just like most locals.
Ended up writing something about this trip too when I saw this photo which sort of reflects what I had been feeling the past couple of days.
Kuusijärven Ulkoilukeskuksen
This enticing lake. 
You know you want to jump in. 
But it's freaking freezing cold. 
You think once. 
No, a dozen times. 
You hold your breath.
Then jump in.
The cold water enveloping you feels good.
You stay for a minute. 
Ten - til your body goes numb. 
And you don't feel anything anymore.
But you see the wooden house.
So you quickly get out of the water and run back to the sauna. 
And you stay there. 
Inside where it's comfortably toasty warm.
Until you feel the urge to be surrounded by nature. 
To be engulfed by the cold water.
And before you know it, you're out running again. 
Out in the cold exciting world. 
You hold your breath.
And jump in.

on repeat.
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