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Warm up Your Home with a Rug

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

September 26, 2013, admin, Sponsored Posts, , 3

When decorating a home I think it is really important not only to look at walls and carpets but to also pick out some lovely statement accessories that can really bring life to a room.

One thing I really like to have in our house are rugs.  They really warm up a room, particularly if you have laminate flooring and give you something nice and soft to walk on which is particularly important in those cold winter months.

Also, having young children I think rugs are a great way to protect your carpet and flooring underneath from spills and toys.  This is especially important for us as we live in rented accommodation at the moment and a rug is much easier to clean than a whole carpet.

For laminate flooring, as we have in our hallway, it is nice to have a rug to walk on as it prevents us slipping and bringing any wet or muddy footprints into the main part of the house.

There are lots of different rugs to choose from to suit every home and budget.  Not only can you choose different colours and sizes but you can also choose different piles.  I love a nice shag pile carpet in the bedroom.  It is really nice to step out of bed onto something fluffy and soft.

I also think, if you are not looking to decorate a whole room but want a different look or feel, adding a rug can really change the look of a room and for a reasonable price and very little effort.

SCS has a really nice range of rugs to choose from at reasonable prices.  With lots of different colours, patterns and sizes to choose from I can guarantee there will be something to suit everyone’s taste!

One that really stood out for me and which I thought would look really nice in our house is this..

Warm up your home with a rug


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