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Want to Give That Perfect Gift to Someone You Love?

By Simonbrushfield @SimonBrushfield

I visited a friend the other day

Our conversation trailed all over his house

He was busy doing stuff as we talked

At one point he walked into his garage

So I followed

I was shocked

The amount of junk he was storing was frightening

He could hardly move in his garage

There was certainly no space for his car

It was filled with gardening equipment




Household wares

And boxes beyond belief

He had everything you could possibly imagine, crammed into his garage

I was stunned

My first thoughts were, how expensive it must be to collect all this junk

Secondly, how can you live like that?

But many people do

As life goes on we collect stuff

Stuff that’s valuable

And stuff that’s meaningless

And like my friend, we often hoard the meaningless things that only serve to cramp our lives and take up space in the garage

Here’s the truth…

Much of the stuff we collect, we don’t need

Some of it was probably given to us as a perfect gift

We smile

Say thank you

And pretend the perfect gift was exactly what we wanted

But within one week it ends up in storage

With all the other junk in the garage

I’m guessing you want to your gifts to be meaningful to the people you love

Something they will definitely cherish for life

That will hang pride of place in their home

In the living room

Lounge room

Or even their bedroom

Somewhere they can enjoy it everyday

(Definitely not in the garage)

If you want to tell someone you love them

Here’s an idea…

Buy them an original painting

Created with love and affection

Filled with special meaning

That will hang on their wall

And remind them they’re loved

By you

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© Copyright Simon Brushfield – Want to give that perfect gift for someone you love?
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