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Ceramic Fish

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Ceramic Fish This fish could be made with many different types of clay. I am partial to ceramics and the layering of color.
1. Students roll a lump of clay into a smooth ball. They keep rubbing water on it to soften it. The ball is flattened into a circle. It should be about the thickness of a pancake and easy to bend.
2. The pancake then is folded in half with just the edges pinched together on one side. There should be an opening which will turn into the mouth.
3. With the pinched seam on the top, the back end is flattened and cut into a tail shape with a tool.
4. Lastly, eyes and teeth may be added to the face. Just be sure to have the students score any surfaces that they are connecting. In other words, they need to scratch the surface to make sure details stick together. Clay will shrink when it dries so smooth edges tend to come apart.
5. After drying and bisque firing, this fish was painted with two different layers and colors of glaze.

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