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Wait a Little for Me...

By Misslara16 @misslara
Wait a little for me...
Don't hold me now, wait for later ,
Don't kiss me now, I would want to go further,
Wait a while, for my love will go farther
Wait a little for me.
I love you so and I want you too
But, your kisses might make me a fool
I want to see you and your flaws too
Don't hold me now hold me later
Wait a little for me.
To fan the flames now might be detrimental
When I see you for who you are I wont be sentimental
This waiting, will test if you could hold the centre
For conviction is way better than momentary pleasure
Don't hold me, now wait for later
Wait a little for me.
And when we finally cross the river
And our passions flow like hot lava
Then we would explore like we climbing the Kilimanjaro
 For then you have the strength to be my hero
Don't hold me now, wait for later
Wait a little for me.
Wait a little for me...
I didn't know what this poem meant when I wrote it, it just came to me. Then I read it again and I realised it could be about abstinence. I am a huge fan and advocate for abstinence but I also understand its a choice for every individual to make.
I know I am not alone in the advocacy for abstinence, there are a lot of other young people who believe in it but are shy to own up, or are worried about what people will think of them. Its a personal choice, you have the right to make choices and be proud of them.
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