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Vynil, Flames and Stripes

By Tribalbunny @TribalBunnyBlog
The title is very random. I really always wanted to start a blog but this 'first post' discouraged me every time! First of all, my English is not perfect because I'm not a native speaker but I'm really trying my best and I'm very sorry about that (at first I wasn't even sure if I am going to write posts in English but then I realized it's much easier for me to express because I'm pretty sure all of my thoughts are in English haha)
So, basically I am a girl who is trying to fulfill her life in some way and I always loved beauty and fashion so I thought it might be my kind of thing. I am indescribably unphotogenic, animal lover, adventurer when it comes to trying new food, I like pampering and definitely am a big fashion-addict.
Stay tuned for more.  :)

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