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Vung Vieng - The Fishing Village of Bai Tu Long Bay

By Khanhpv

The fishing village of Bai Tu Long Bay in Quang Ninh is located off the Eastern-North Vietnam's close with the coal mines He Door-Chinensis-Cam Pha and old van Don trading port, go back up again is the gate, tourism.


The fishing village of Brandishing such land about 25 km of the Vung Vieng is home to thousands of fishermen all year round with living but still fun, incredible warmth. What especially when coming here, visitors often experience and discover the lives of the fishermen here and it is also one of the characteristics that makes fishing village of Vung Vieng is always one of the exciting discovery of these visitors come to visit the view of HA Long Bay-Bai TU Long Bay.

Reffer some tour guide to choose a suitable trip to discover Halong Bay:

  1. orchid cruise
  2. Indochina sails junk
  3. Glory legend cruise

To visit the fishing village of Vung Vieng, visitors must take a boat (a type of small boat used mainly in the fishing village) and go through the cave-A hydro Trans Bay's famous cave Bai TU Long (this is regarded as a natural Village Gate) of the fishing village of Vung Vieng.


When visiting the cave is finished then you can kick you continue to explore the fishing village of Vung Vieng. The image of a very idyllic fishing village, looming a few Vinculum backs into the mountains with loong friends floats round like balls lined up straight afternoon I, which is the sea of pearls cultured friends. As to the more open space in the village, no one knew where mid will the infection of spyware infection, of the sea, the sky of clouds. The fish Shack friends along the cliff. The fish friends located right under the floor under the stadium. The fish rolls, Grouper, mullet are farmed quite to to cater to restaurants, hotels or export, also have fun serving fish farming friends play as his fish, elephant ear fish, fish nails so beautiful ...

Occasionally a few birds such as the Black Stork, Stork: fire, crows and grackles fly out, the couple then quack Riding Hood lost-on the mountain. The Centre of the village is the home to the most beautiful and friends, which is home to the community.


From Vung Vieng, tourists can visit the island Demon, the Seven Wells, go fishing in Vung Tau Ha, visited the forest in Tea table, van Don island ... and the system of small beach located at the foot of the mountain as in Sesame or Van Island Jewel Rolls. This unspoilt beach, very suitable for small tourist groups. And then also the caves. Also from Vieng to swing, double take three hours on board is Important to the island, where Bright House villages famous for its architecture. Here, many archaeological traces found evidence of t expressed a golden age of van Don trading port.

On the journey to discover the natural wonders of HA Long Bay world of the night sleeping on the yacht Bay of the fishing village of Vung Vieng is indispensable. When coming here you have the opportunity to feel the serenity, tranquility of fishing villages of the Vieng Brandishing space. In addition to Leaving Vieng can participate to experience a day of fishing, fishermen along the local people then return to enjoy the fresh seafood taste seafood right on've just obtained his agreement or relax on pristine beaches, spectacular coastal mountains.

Overlooking the potential of a region of the sea, with views of nature. Also features diverse fishermen culture and its history. Travel companies looking to the villages. They come to collaborate, to grow together. Both villages also dang hands. Because they understand the opportunity for economic development, to gradually erase poverty has come. That is how in countering the margin before nature, ocean waves, with new job now hope the collaboration of villages with the travel company, with the help of the levels, the industry will grow to HA Long Bay is forever compelling destination for all everyone.

Today the best way to visit this fishing village is the choice of the night sleeping on the yacht, yacht cruise on the Bay will visit the fishing village, visitors can easily explore by kayak or boating nan cross.

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