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Vote for Me... Please

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
VOTE FOR ME... PLEASE It's no secret that tooting my own horn isn't really my thing... but... Babble has got their top 50 craft blogs for 2012 - and no, before you faint, this blog is not on The List... but... it is on the outsiders list - so I will love you forever if you can;
Pop across to their voting site,
Click on the alphabetical index,
Scroll down to P for Partycraft Secrets,
Hit "I like this"
Here's the site;
Who knows... (20)13 might just be my lucky year... he he!
PS - It would be ungracious of me not to point out that while you are there, there are plenty of other great sites there for you to look at and love (just don't "like" them if you know what I mean)! x

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