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Voice of Russia: Radical Rightwing Radio Station

Posted on the 28 November 2013 by Calvinthedog


This is truly bizarre. Obviously this site has nothing to do with Russia or Russians. It was set up by very rich American radical rightwingers in order to brainwash the Russian people. A quick perusal of its broadcasts will show you that this station will find little resonance with the Russian people who overwhelmingly reject radical capitalism.

There are many articles laughably depicting Obamacare as “Obamasocialism.” Possibly 1% of the Russian people would agree that Obamacare is “Obamasocialism” and is a bad thing. This is simply US reactionaries and ultra-right wingers trying to spread their Libertarianism to other parts of the globe. As they have a tremendous amount of money, they are able to buy up vast amounts of the world’s media in order to propagate their unpopular views.

A very large number of the ultra-rich are reactionaries, ultra-rightists or Libertarians. These rightwing economic theories are rejected by the overwhelming majority of humans all over the globe, most of whom prefer some kind of socialism.

However, under capitalism, almost 100% of the media ends up being owned by the top 1%, the ultra-rich. The ultra-rich then buy up almost all the media in order to try to brainwash the masses with their ultra-rich worldview, which is good for the ultra-rich but bad for 80% of the world’s people. In this way, the ultra-rich shape and form the cultures of most capitalist countries. Marx was 100% correct on this when he said that the culture of every capitalist country was the culture of the bourgeois (the 1%).

This is a serious problem for democratic media under capitalism. In fact, it implies that democratic media under capitalism will almost always be impossible. Ideally, the media would represent the views of the masses, not just the 1%. Perhaps there could be a middle class media representing the views of the middle classes, a poor or working class media representing the views of the poor and working classes, etc. In this way, every class would have a voice in a truly democratic state.

The Marxists are absolutely correct that there really is no free speech in most capitalist countries. The media is owned by huge corporations (the 1%). The only views one gets in most capitalist countries are the views of the 1%, who use their media ownership to brainwash the masses with the lies of the rich which are used to harm the working people. The freedom of the press belongs to those who own one (a printing press), as a famous journalist said. In order words, only those rich enough to buy a media outlet (the 1%) have freedom of speech in most capitalist countries. The lower 99% has de facto zero freedom of speech because they do not own any media outlets!

It is difficult to find a way around this, but the Internet offered us a way out. Anyone, even a Leftist like me, could set up a website (essentially my own daily paper) and theoretically compete with Establishment rightwingers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. The corporate class has reacted to this by trying to get rid of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is one of the most democratic media concepts in the history of the US.

The 1% hate nothing so much as democracy. The very idea that I should have equivalent access to the media as Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes really chaps their hide. This is what the anti-Net Neutrality debate is all about: trying to reduce the level playing field that now exists between the Robert Lindsays and the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News, etc.

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