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Vladimir Putin: Master Geopolitical Chess Player

Posted on the 01 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

Tulio writes: Putin stands for nothing other than being a strong man and a patriarch figure who supposedly fights against anything Russians are afraid of. That is playbook that Trump is playing off. Trump doesn’t have any concrete ideology. His selling point is winning people over at the gut level by shows of hyper-nationalism, machismo and strength against whatever his constituents are fearful of. Mexico, China, losing their jobs to trade, ISIS, gun control or whatever is on the typical paranoid American’s boogeyman list

There is a world of difference between Putin and Trump. Trump is a clown and a dangerously unhinged man. Putin a master geopolitical chess player the likes of which we have not faced in a long time. He’s fighting back against all of the moves and attacks that the enemies of the Russian people waging on Russia. He’s a real nationalist.

He defends his country, and he is one of the only people on Earth saying no to a unipolar world dominated by the US. He doesn’t believe the US and NATO should be dictators of the world.

We have been surrounding Russia with bases since day the USSR fell.

We staged a coup in the Ukraine to put a very Russia-hostile regime on Russia’s doorstep so it could join NATO, and NATO could put bases and nuclear weapons right on Russia’s doorstep. We tried to steal Russia’s only warm water port on Sebastopol. Putin is not a stupid man. He knows what is up. He figured out what we were doing, and he threw a huge monkey wrench in our plans. He also saved his base in Sebastopol and secured the liberation of the Crimean people from US-allied Nazis.

The whole scam was stopped. Ukraine will not join NATO. Putin will not allow it. Ukraine will not even join the EU either.

The whole Ukraine thing was a great big scam to try to bait Putin into attacking the Ukraine so we could maybe declare war on him or put a lot of sanctions on him. He refused to get baited into it. Then we tried to bait him into committing a lot of troops to a Syrian quagmire. We did this by coordinating with our Turkish friends to shoot down a Russian jet for no reason. Putin didn’t fall for that one either.

The Russian people feel that he is standing up for the nation’s interests against the enemies of the Russian people – NATO. They are correct. He’s fighting back.

You see, no one ever stands up the US Dictator of the World. No one dares. So we just rampage around doing whatever, and most people either ally with us or cave. Those that do not are made an example of – Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Egypt. They get screwed over hard, and usually the US regime changes them.

Putin is standing up and saying no more regime changing, no more wars for democracy, no more US Empire of Chaos. Have you noticed that every country the US “liberates” turns into a chaotic Hellscape of a failed state? Putin sees that going on, and he says I am going to put a stop to this crap,

He also figured out that the US and its allies put ISIS, and Al Qaeda and the rest down there in Syria on Russia’s doorstep. Next the US jihadis moved into Turkey. Putin figured out that next we were going to turn our Baby Al Qaedas loose on Russia, probably starting in the Caucasus. That’s why he is fighting back in Syria. I believe that Putin is correct on that. You can see that we turn these jihadis loose on our enemies. I do believe that he was next in line to get the US “jihadi treatment.”

Also Putin thinks the whole ideology of the US and its allies supporting all these ISIS and Al Qaeda groups in Syria and Libya is crap. He’s going to put a stop to it. He hates those jihadis people, and he knows that the US uses those groups and others like Nazis and fascists as US assets and turns them loose on countries we don’t like.

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