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Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Gumptionent @gumptionent

Let’s start out with some interesting information that affects how we as business owners must capture the attention of our audience with visual marketing.
  • 5 Minute Attention Span
  • Online Video Content Rules the Roost
  • Social Media “Networking” Eats the Day Away
  • Over-saturation of Information that is Easily Accessed

Here is what I am getting at.
  • Catch their attention quickly because you only have 5 minutes maximum to get their attention, keep them clicking, and get them to come back again.
  • Billions of viewers watching loads of content every DAY..Catch their attention
  • Social Media sites take up 3+ hours PER DAY on the average user. Visual Marketing
  • The Internet is a playground of information…Make your message matter with visual marketing!

In my opinion this information is pretty well known throughout the business world.  Now, what we do with this information is highly important and relevant to how we have to run our businesses. 
I was reading a webpage from Winrock International that puts it into perfect perspective, “Visual media stimuli enhances one’s ability to process information”.  Alas! We have struck gold!  A visual medium used to convey information is a great way to go when we have computers, laptops, the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and TV’s at our fingertips.
I will let you read all the articles that I came across when looking into this highly important topic (especially for a Video Production Company such as us).  Here is the deal, use this information to your advantage and realize how it affects your sales numbers and your close rate on your dealings.  Video is here to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon.
With all of these concepts in mind we are going to open one more can of worms to chew on: Visual Marketing and Branding and Crowdfunding!  Now not all of us have a service or product that we can use Crowdfunding for to raise capital.  There is a reason however that Crowdfunding has become such a big thing. 
First off we have funding that comes in from people who like our ideas and are willing to spread the word.  Second we have a way to visually market our ideas and ourselves at the same time.  Right here we have the best of both worlds sitting at our fingertips!
We will get more into these concepts next time, but for now ask yourself how you are spreading the word of your company visually.  Next ask yourself how you can improve your brand and image using this information and concepts on visual marketing.

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