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WK1 Project: My Full Sail Story Expanded/Illustrator Final Project

Posted on the 29 October 2018 by Gumptionent @gumptionent
Before I started the MCBS Program, I was assisting my friend Troy - a film producer and graduate of Full Sail – on various projects in the entrainment industry, but I was not confident if it was a career I wanted to pursue.
I had always thought I wanted to do something interesting in the entertainment industry while I was in high school, although I was living in a small cow town and the normal thing to do was get a 9-5 job and settle down.
But then I joined the active duty Air Force, which seemed realistic at the time.  I served a few years active duty, then transferred back home to the National Guard.
Because of that, I was granted tuition assistance which allowed me to attend a local University for a degree in Business Management.
Because of that, I realized I wasn’t passionate in pursuing a career in that field of study, so I transferred to another University for a degree in Business Administration, only to find out I wasn’t passionate about that either.
Because of that, I stopped attending college and was bouncing around different jobs, with no direction and never thinking I would ever go to college again or even be happy with my life.
Until finally Troy, whom I was helping with various projects in the entertainment industry, said he didn’t have time to train me and if I wanted to continue working with him I had to go to the same school he went to - Full Sail - and earn the same degree - Entertainment Business.
And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media, I can finally say I am interested in what I am going to school for and look forward to living my dream in media. 

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