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How To Be A Powerful Introvert In An Extroverted Industry

Posted on the 27 November 2016 by Gumptionent @gumptionent
How To Be A Powerful Introvert In An Extroverted Industry
Do you find yourself very quiet during business meetings and only speak when directly spoken to? In big team environments, is it a challenge for you to verbally express your ideas and opinions effectively to your team members? Chances are, you are an introvert.Shyness is usually the biggest misconception associated with introversion. In fact, they are two completely different things. Introverts prefer not to talk just for the sake of talking. Introversion and extroversion refers to the way our energy is consumed and replenished. Introverts gain energy in solitude and lose energy during social encounters; extroverts are the exact opposite. Being aware of the details of your personality trait can aid you on the journey of becoming a powerful introvert in your industry.
How To Prepare Yourself For Social Encounters
Now that you are aware of how your energy is consumed, you can start preparing yourself for your next social encounter. This includes events, meetings, or any other social environment that you must adapt to for work. If you know you have a meeting or social event in the near future, you can prepare yourself by spending the two-days prior alone. This will allow you to charge up your energy, get yourself pumped and boost confidence. Afterwards, spend sometime alone to replenish that energy. So the question is, how can an introvert adjust to unplanned social experiences that may take place when energy is already low? Your knowledge of the way your brain works has already given you an advantage. The best thing to do is to be aware of your current situation and make the best of it.
Strong Attributes in Introverts?
The hardest part about being an introvert is figuring out who you are and what your good at. Knowing your natural personality strengths can help you confidently express your abilities in a work environment. Strong introverted traits include:
  •         Good Listener
  •         Pays Attention To Details
  •         High Thinker
  •        Analytic
  •        Organized
  •       Strong Written Skills
  •        Public Speaking

No, there is no typo, I wrote public speaking. Surprisingly introverts have the natural ability to be great public speakers with a little practice and confidence. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to spend time rehearsing compared to extroverts who might want to “wing it”.Introverts have a habit of thinking before they speak which is a great quality to have when you’re standing in front of an audience with all eyes on you.
Building Confidence
To become a powerful introvert you need one essential ingredient and that is confidence. Confidence is not something that can be fabricated; it must be authentic and true to you. Some tips on building confidence is being aware of your personality strengths and knowing what works best for you.Extroverts tend to have a very strong presence and often set the mold. Introverts tend to feel like they are obligated to fill it. Everyone is different so knowing what works best for you will work best in your favor. Being able to visualize your success and having a positive mindset is critical. Prepare yourself for roadblocks because they will occur. Stay focused on your goals and become self-motivated.
Know When To Speak Up
If you’re an introvert you may often find yourself hesitating before you speak. Sometimes we are very hesitant about verbalizing our thoughts because we are afraid of criticism or being ignored. The key is to say it with confidence. You will come to realize that people want to hear your opinion. Often times they take notice and admire you when you do. Don’t hesitate just speak up.
Guess What, You Can’t Always Do It Alone.
You don’t have to be extroverted and outgoing to meet new people. Building relationships is vital to success in any industry. People naturally make connections with others based on common interests and goals. Humans are social beings, they are looking to build relationships and so should you.
The views expressed in this blog are those of Tianni Myers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Gumption Entertainment. 

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