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Visiting the Vandaloor Zoo!!!

By Sahi

  I asked people where the Arignar Anna Zoological Park was located and hardly anyone could answer it!!.Then i realised that it was the official name and asked the people around where the Vandaloor zoo was and immediately people around told where it was!!... 
         Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the most famouszoological gardens in the country and one of the biggest too.It is always a pleasure to get united with the nature, and in cities and metros there is hardly any opportunity to do so!!...the life of people in metros is so monotonous, and time for resting is so less.
       Visiting the vandaloor  zoo can be so easy as it is justabout 27 kilometres from the city.The zoo is woody, with plenty of trees. There are tree-lined tar-topped paths for a long trek inside the zoo.One does not feel the heat  once we enter the zoo.Hop into cthe car or bus and drive down towards Tambaram. This could be one of the best ways to get closer to the nature!! And going there with a bunch of buddies could be great fun!!       Buy the entrance ticket, let yourself and the gang in and be footloose and fancy free. Make sure to carry plenty of water and eats, for the place is huge and you’d need to walk quite a bit. Alternatively, you could hop on to a van that will take you on a tour of the zoo. This is comfortable, but not as much fun, though.
          The best thing would be to hire a cycle from the entrance and have a go-go on the wheels.The journey begins with the birds and monkeys and ends at the Aquarium. Familiarise yourself with deer, wild buffalo, bear, jackal, hippo, elephant, crocodile and the whole range of exotic birds,giraffes, wild boar. Near every enclosure there are plaques made of stone, giving details about the particular animal or bird. This makes it interesting, especially when we spot an animal we have never laid eyes on before.

        When done, you can take a break or go all out and hop on to the lion safari tour. Peering out the window, hoping to catch sight of a lion can be great fun.There is also a deer safari that is recently added to the plate of excitement.

        Finally as the day wanes it’s time to bid adieu  to the caged friends and head home, happy to have spent the day having so much fun. :)

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