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By Sahi

It feels like ages since i posted a blog post and it is true. So many changes have happened since the last time i posted a blog. There was a time when i totally forgot about blogging till one of my friends reminded me why i was not active in the blogging circle. Have i lost my creative touch? Have i lost the interest to blog? Don't know,But i am sure 2020 is going to be different. 
How will 2020 be different? because consciously i am going to make effort on lot of different things including blogging. There has been lot of self realization and self motivation involved in this process. I don't want to call this as my 2020 goal, but somethings to change and achieve from 2020 as i was lazy and not caring much about self care all these years. But then as every year goes by i always have this sense of sadness and anxiety for no reason. That's because i was the crying shoulder for so many people and when i wanted someone to listen to what i had to say, people where busy.
I confined my thoughts and anxiety to by personal journal, and tried to keep myself so busy that i don't have this emptiness in me. The busy life that i started to forget few things made me to forget writing my journal, blog, paint or even DIY. 
So this year, i am going to do all those things that i have not been doing for so long and also spend some me time to think and rejuvenate. 
Keep smiling, Hug more, stress less, enjoy every moment and cherish the days. To a lovely 2020.
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