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Visit with the Specialist

By Ladyexpat
Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment with a specialist in Mannheim regarding my miscarriages and the fibroid.  The doctor could not tell me for sure that the fibroid is causing my miscarriages or not.  He recommended I have it removed, which would require a 2-night stay in the hospital.  However, he said that there is a good chance I could carry another baby to full term while having it and have the fibroid removed later on.  Thankfully the fibroid is outside my uterus, so I think we're going to wait to have it removed.  It is hard to find childcare where we live and I don't have a lot of options for all day care for my son while my husband works.  My OBGYN is checking my hormone levels and we'll see if anything comes back from the blood tests.  Thanks for your prayers.

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