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Why I'm Having Miscarriages

By Ladyexpat
Having a miscarriage is devastating.  It's really frustrating how many doctors want to wait until a woman has 3 miscarriages before they do anything.  My advice is find a doctor who will help you.  While it sadly may be more common than what people realize and there often is no explained reason, there still is a chance that you may have something wrong with you and it's fixable under a doctor's care.  In my opinion, it is better to find out earlier than later.  If you've ever had a miscarriage, you know the sinking feeling you feel after you find out that your baby is not going to make it.  And it's really simple to find out if something is wrong, whether it's a hormone imbalance, thyroid problem, or another disorder.  You simply have blood drawn, it goes to the lab and then you know.  Not very difficult which is why it's aggravating that so many doctors insist that you wait for 3 miscarriages before they do this.  Also, sometimes there really is nothing wrong.  But if there is, it's nice to know so something can be done.  Isn't this what modern medicine is all about?  Thankfully I found out why I'm having miscarriages.
Once I had my second miscarriage, I asked my German doctor to test my levels including my progestrone levels.  A doctor in the States suggested I get those levels checked.  She agreed to check my hormone levels and told me to come in and have blood drawn between day 2-5 of my next period and then 21 days after it started to get the best results.  She said she would check since I had my son with virtually no problems and now have lost two babies.  The nurse took a total of 3 vials of blood.  She also had me see a specialist about a fibroid that has appeared since being pregnant with my son to see if that could be the reason for the miscarriages.
I also called to make an appointment with an American gynecologist.  When I went in to see him, he said typically in the U.S. they wait until miscarriage number 3.  I begged him to run some tests and said someone suggested I get my thyroid levels checked and my hormone levels.  He said he would do it but I needed to fast the night before (no food after midnight) and come in on Day 21 of my last period.  When I went to the lab, they took 10 vials of blood!  
This is what I found out.  The American doctor called Friday and said he discovered why I'm having miscarriages.  He said I have thyroiditis, which means my thyroid levels are very elevated.  I'm also borderline for having cardiolipid which an autoimmune disorder.  He is referring me an internal medicine doctor where I will need to get a little more testing done.  Sadly he cannot help me beyond this but thankfully a specialist can.  My German doctor gave me good news that my hormone levels are normal.  She has told me before that I am healthy and she didn't see any reason why I could not have more healthy children.  She did NOT check my thyroid levels or for autoimmune disorders.  But she has done ultrasounds and did check my ovaries after both miscarriages.
I want to thank one of my blog readers for her advice to get my thyroid levels checked after having my second miscarriage. She suggested this and after doing some research, it seemed like many doctors don't check this.  If you have had a miscarriage, I am sorry.  But there is hope.  Maybe there is nothing wrong, but then again, there could be.  Ask your doctor to please check your hormone levels and thyroid levels.
Once I see an internal medicine doctor, I will let you know what the next step is.  One thing I have read is that most likely I will need to take a baby aspirin next pregnancy to help my blood from clotting.  Most likely I will also need to take some kind of thyroid medicine.  Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

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