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Vintage Game: Final Fantasy VIII

Posted on the 22 November 2012 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Vintage Game: Final Fantasy VIII Recently, I've been on a nostalgia trip right back to the Autumn of 1999. I was fifteen, about to turn sixteen and my brother and I had finally bought Final Fantasy VIII. It was the game that really set the stereotypical benchmark high for me, when it came to video gaming.  Having been introduced to the series when my older brother forced - sorry, I mean "encouraged" - me to play Final Fantasy VII, I was already pretty excited for this game to come out, and Squaresoft - as they were named at the time - did a heck of a lot to entice, with various trailers featuring extended footage from FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences that were just incredible.
The game effected me so much, that I actually included a review of the game as part of my English Language A Level (yes, really!!).

The Plot: 

Vintage Game: Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII is the story of Squall, a shy guy who has recently become a member of SeeD, a group of mercenaries who are tasked to fight and stuff. When the peace of the world is threatened by the rise of a Sorceress named Edea, Squall is assigned to bring her down, alongside his friends: Zell, Selphie and Quistis are assigned to put a stop to it, accompanied by sharp-shooting Irvine - who, when the going gets a little tough, is actually likely to chicken out - and resistance girl Rinoa - who is kinda cute!
At times the plot is completely ridiculous and unbelievable, but I always feel that this just adds to the charm of both the game, and the overall series.


Vintage Game: Final Fantasy VIII Graphically, this game was a million miles away from it's - more popular - predecessor, perhaps because Square realised the absolute potential that releasing games for the Playstation had to offer them, that Nintendo - who previous games, before VII had been made for - couldn't give them. The game is sleeker, and the FMV just so magically, visually stunning.
This was the first in the entire series where characters had more of a human look to them. Even in-game, they had more defining shape with limbs to moved and were more prominent.


Vintage Game: Final Fantasy VIII I might be wrong, but Final Fantasy VIII - I'm fairly certain - was the first game in the series, to feature a full song, with an actual singer in the form of Faye Wong. Since then, all of the games have included songs by popular and very talented female artists including Susan Calloway and Final Fantasy XIII included a song by Leona Lewis.
Various versions of Eyes on Me - under different guises - feature all the way throughout the game, during scenes between Laguna and Julia, and Squall and Rinoa prominently. However, the song features initially during a sequence between Squall and Rinoa on the Ragnarok, and I will never forget how overwhelmed with emotion I felt when Faye Wong started to sing. It was breathtaking, not only because it made the sequence beautiful, but also because it hadn't expected to hear a song.


Re-playing this game is like when I pull on a big fluffy sweater in the middle of winter, and wrap up in the quilt. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, whilst offering me the safety of a game that I know so well, and still cherish for everything that it is.
The game isn't perfect, and it might not be the most popular in the series, but it will always be my favorite.
Random Fact: In the 2000 film remake of Charlie's Angels, when Drew Barrymore's character falls - naked - into the garden of two boys, who give her clothes, the two boys are initially playing Final Fantasy VIII.
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