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By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Vintage I'm a big fan of vintage stores when it comes to shopping. Even though I like to buy new clothes from new collections, sometimes it's also nice to mix those up with some vintage to add more sense of fashion in it. I always enjoyed looking in those in different countries because in Prague, unfortunately, we're behind the age of monkeys therefore there are almost no new collections, designer stores themselves, no vintage plus the prices are just disgusting. To be honest, I nowadays don't even go shopping in Prague because it just makes me sick. I started to shop online and it's so much more comfortable, better, easier n millions of other advantages you can say about online shopping. But not to get from the main point about vintage shopping, since I have such a big passion for good vintage stores, I found a few when walking around Prague in the last few weeks and want to share them with you because they are one of the only shops that you can actually go look at and not vomit afterwards.
The first store is my favorite one because the style is just gorgeous, I admit not all the clothes are my style but there's a big range to choose from, even my favorite vintage Chanel clothing. That's why I really appreciate having this vintage boutique in Prague. Another one, I found on the internet not to be lying by saying I walked and just saw and blah blah blah. I looked at the website and some of the stuff looked really nice. Don't know about the conditions of the clothes n shit but it seemed to have a good sense of fashion, too, therefore I pronounce it my favorite vintage store number two and therefore my next destination to go have a peek at.

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