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Video Art: Fabio Scacchioli

By 2bemag @2bemag

[You can read an extended multimedia version of this article at 2beMag #11, with video and gallery included!]

The capabilities of video of seeping into the thoughts and connecting with the memories or the emotions of the mind is an advantage of this art compared to other artistic expressions. Fabio Scacchioli, the Italian filmaker plays with these possibilities by focusing on the connections between memory, perception and thought.

Educated at the University of Perugia and at the University of Madrid, Scacchioli has projected his films and installations in exhibitions and festivals around the world including the United States, Cuba, Germany, United Kingdom, Serbia, Venezuela, Italy, etc. Lately, he has been seen in the Streaming Festival in Holland where he presented Nightlife in a puddle, a personal view after a stormy night. Currently participating in the exhibition Open 3 on S.a.L.E Docks – Magazzini del Sale of Venice with his latest work, From a land of ashes and mist, an experimental documentary about the history of a living between dreams, debris and memories.

His works are characterized by the use of modern technology together with old camcorders, and editing software combined with manual labor. A personal artistic method used to obtain images of low quality or damaged.

dead SEEquences – Fabio Scacchioli from Fabio Scacchioli on Vimeo.

The video that we present you and follows this article is titled: Dead SEEQuences , the image of a female body that appears and vanishes in the shadows and cuts. The artist is able to question the origin of the figure by asking if we visualize the woman from the parties represented or from the shadows to hide it, or if your image is defined by each frame individually or from the gap between each. It is at this point that the piece consisting of 3,770 frames becomes empty or dead. The artist is able to question the reality of everything represented by manipulating the image of a body, the tangible reality of the human being.

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