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Victory in Aleppo – the Syrian Arab Army Is on the Offensive

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Calvinthedog

This is pretty much all true below. The threats of Saudi Arabia and Turkey to invade Syria, probably to seize Syrian territory for a “no-fly zone” are absolutely terrifying. The SAA is going to attack the Turks and Saudis if they invade Syria, and the Russians may help them by attacking the Turks and Saudis themselves.

All of this is utter madness, as the Turks could invoke Article 5 of NATO by claiming they are under attack and then NATO would be obliged to respond to Syrian and possibly Russian attacks on the Turks. Historically, any nation that attacks the Saudis gets the assistance of the Pentagon in one way or another, either with shipments of weaponry or with intelligence, command and control and logistics. The crazy British military tends to do the same whenever the Saudis decide to fight a war. In other words, whenever the Saudis are at war, historically the US and UK get involved militarily.

I cannot overemphasize the gravity of this situation.

Turkey is presently creating a fake humanitarian crisis by refusing to let 80,000 Syrian refugees into the country. Turkey has already let in 2.3 million Syrians and they could easily let these in too. By creating a fake humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Turkey is creating the casus belli which it could use to invade Syria to set up a safe zone to “protect the refugee civilians.” In reality, these refugees are holed up along the border in tent camps far from the present fighting and are under no danger whatsoever.

I would like to point out that the phony and blatantly no-fly zone that the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia keep threatening to set up is in territory that is presently held by Al-Nusra and the Islamic State. So this no-fly zone would simply turn into a huge base to protect these Western-supported proxies from the defeat that seems to loom ahead of them.

This Erdogan seems like a complete psycho. He’s one of the most dangerous men in the world today. I have never seen a Turkish leader as brazen and reckless as this man. He’s a loose cannon that is totally out of control and he’s basically a menace to the whole world at this point.

The Saudi leader Prince Salman has recently asserted himself as de facto leader and he is out of control too. I have never seen the Saudis so audacious, crazed, blind and menacing in my life.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey are two of the most evil countries on Earth and are presently a massive and terrifying threat to world peace. Of course, their best buddies the US and NATO are apparently backing these unpredictable menaces to the hilt as they have always done.

The article claims that the US Special Forces are going into Syria to help the rebel groups fighting Assad. I have no evidence that our forces in Syria are doing this at the moment.

However, I believe that it is true that the Saudis and the Turks both have military advisors embedded with the various rebel groups. And in all probability, Turkish military forces are indeed active in Syria fighting alongside the rebels. And certainly the fascist Grey Wolves and other Turkish militias are fighting with the rebels – this has been proven.

The article notes that the US bombed a Syrian army base in Deir Ezzor. I do not think this is correct. The Syrian army was defending a town which was under attack by a large ISIS force. In the midst of the battle, US jets dropped bombs on the Syrian forces defending the town, killing eight Syrian troops and destroying some artillery pieces.

They had to have done this on purpose. The US lied and said the Russians bombed the Syrian army in that town. The US said that instead of bombing that town, US jets had hit another target. However, that target was 25 miles away from where the jets bombed. So that means that the US carried out airstrikes in support of ISIS during a battle between ISIS and the Syrian army! Isn’t that outrageous? The US military is playing a very dirty game in Syria. This is a grave matter.


The Syrian Arab Army Recently (SAA) achieved a major victory in Aleppo and is on the offensive all over Syria, liberating terrorist-occupied territories and preparing for an even wider offensive.

Meanwhile the Empire of Chaos (the US) and its allies the Axis of Chaos (the NATO-GCC-Israel forces) are so desperate that they are threatening open war. We can only hope that they are bluffing and do not plan to destroy the world in a childish temper tantrum over their inability to destroy Syria.

The Geneva Peace Talks collapsed, to the surprise of no one, as the so called “Opposition” (front men for terrorists) seemed unable to adjust to the reality that they are losing and continued to make demands. Obviously, the longer diplomacy is delayed, the better, although Russia and Syria had no plans to interrupt their offensive even if Geneva III had not collapsed.

The only way to restore peace to Syria is to drive the terrorists out of Syria once and for all and to cut off all their routes into the country. Thanks to the bravery of the SAA, this is exactly what is taking place.

Aleppo, which a year ago Erdogan bragged had become a new Turkish province and from which he looted whole factories to enrich his gangster friends and family, is on the verge of being liberated from the terrorists. Aleppo is not alone. Latakia is almost completely liberated, the terrorist stronghold of Daraa is under assault, the SAA are preparing an offensive in Idlib. Clearly the SAA’s offensive is only expanding in strength and momentum.

First I’ll discuss the threat of expanded imperialist intervention in Syria. Most outrageously, the US, against the wishes of the Syrian people and government, decided to illegally occupy Syrian territory and build a base on Syrian soil. The US also announced plan to send an ever-expanding force into Syria supposedly to fight ISIS but in reality to aid them and other terrorists. Their motives are so transparent. The more victories Syria and Iraq win against their terrorist proxies, the more desperate the US is to intervene in both countries.

Yet what are a few thousand troops going to accomplish when more than 100,000 proved unable to contain the Iraqi Resistance. They will be used to advise and support the terrorists, but they have been doing that all along.

In response to the Russian intervention, the Axis of Chaos began pouring weapons, troops and advisers into Syria, but aside from achieving some temporary successes early on, they now face utter defeat. Let’s hope this new scheme proves equally futile. Ironically the US is building the base in Kurdish territory but the Syrian Kurds are moving closer and closer to Russia and Syria.

Thus Russia was able to counter by building its own base in Kurdish territory. Currently the YPG are on the offensive, trying to seize the terrorist-held area separating the two halves of their autonomous zone.

This leads to the next danger – Turkey is threatening to invade Northern Syria. For Erdogan, YPG control of his precious terrorist highway is a red line. Yet such an invasion would lead him into a confrontation with Russian and Syrian airpower. It would probably end in disaster for Turkey. In reality of course, Turkey invaded long ago. Its troops pretend to be rebels and fight shoulder to shoulder with the terrorists.

The final threat is the most absurd of all. The Saudis are threatening to invade “to fight terrorism,” fooling only the most ignorant. The Saudis are the top ideological and financial source for terrorism in the world as even the New York Times admits. Of course they carry out all this out with the full cooperation of Western intelligence. Saudi Arabia is nothing more then the Islamic State in a more respectable (simply because it’s older) form as everyone knows. But what makes it truly absurd is that it is a hollow threat.

Saudi Arabia is already losing in Yemen, where despite overwhelming military superiority, they have completely failed to reconquer the country to reinstall their ousted puppet al-Hadi. Despite starving the populace, destroying schools, hospitals, and Yemen’s historical heritage, they are losing. Despite unleashing their terrorist proxies, they are losing. The Saudi Army reportedly doesn’t even dare fight, hiding in bases while foreign mercenaries, especially veterans of Colombian death squads, do the fighting and have suffered heavy losses.

The Saudis can’t even protect their own territories – the Houthis control parts of Saudi Arabia. In other words, I almost hope they do invade Syria where they have funded so much mayhem and destruction. This would allow the SAA to take a terrible revenge on the notoriously soft Saudis and would hopefully hasten the end of the treacherous Saudi Monarchy, those puppets of the UK, the US, and Israel.

Unfortunately the Saudis would invade with an entire alliance, but they also invaded Yemen with an alliance. We will have to see how far the Axis of Chaos is willing to go. They risk plunging the world into nuclear war as the Russians have not so subtly threatened to protect their forces in Syria by any means necessary, including nuclear.

Unfortunately, since the start of the war in Ukraine and the beginning of Cold War 2.0, the “new normal” apparently involves keeping the world permanently on the brink of nuclear war. Such is the perpetual state of madness we live in under the Empire of Chaos. Syria has been surrounded by enemies and under constant threat since it gained its independence. Whatever threats it faces, it will remain defiantly ready to fight to retain that independence.

As Walid al-Moallem Syria’s Foreign minister said:

“Any aggressor will be sent back to their country in a wooden box.”

All these threats, diplomatic schemes, and of course, a propaganda campaign absurd in its selective outrage are motivated by the Axis of Chaos’ current inability to do anything to stop the triumphant offensive of the SAA and its allies as they reclaim town after town and city after city.

The province of Latakia is almost completely liberated. The SAA recently captured the terrorist stronghold Salma which they had spent 2 1/2 years and lost many brave fighters trying to capture. Aleppo is on the verge of being the next liberated territory. The terrorists forces there began to collapse a month ago, and now the SAA has won a stunning strategic victory that will bring doom to all the various terrorist militias.

By capturing Ratyan and Mayer, the SAA have managed to cut off the Aleppo-Gaziantep Highway, the main terrorist supply route into the province and beyond. Cut off from food and ammunition, surrounded by the SAA, and with nowhere to hide as everywhere the locals are hungry for revenge for the horrors they suffered under terrorist occupation, they will be lucky if they escape alive, and thousands are already fleeing.

The SAA also broke the siege of Nubbul and al-Zahran, where the locals had been starved and terrorized for years. The SAA was greeted with tremendous joy. It was one of the most uplifting moments since the lifting of the siege of Kuweires Airbase last fall.

Far to the east in Deir Ezzor, the heroic defense continues, with the SAA forces and the local civilians resisting the attempts by ISIS to destroy this loyalist foothold in the midst of their territory. Luckily the defense of Deir Ezzor is being lead by the legendary General Issaam Zahraadeen who fights on the front lines with his men manning a machine gun. ISIS has been desperately trying to seize Deir Ezzor, and the Americans even helped them at one point by bombing the Syrian base and then blaming the Russians.

Yet Deir Ezzor is still standing, and ISIS’ many attacks have only led to repeated defeats. Remember the heroes of Deir Ezzor – their heroic resistance is symbolic of the whole Syrian War – surrounded by enemies and under constant attack, they have not only survived, they have triumphed. Elsewhere the SAA seem to be advancing or preparing to advance on almost every front. Even in Raqqah, the ISIS capital (or it was until the leaders fled due to Russian airstrikes), the Syrian forces delivered devastating strikes today.

Thanks to their Russian allies, the SAA has been rearming and retraining. Russia has clearly been subtly increasing its presence on the ground, and the first Russian adviser recently lost his life.

Unfortunately I can’t record his name here, as it is classified. He may have been from Chechnya, and Russia in one of its famous “non-denial” denials recently denied there were Chechen Special Forces in Syria, while basically just objecting to the term and pretty much admitting it.

Of course Russia has always had advisers in Syria, but clearly they are now openly waging a covert war in aid of their Syrian allies. In addition, their artillery advisers and supplies or new artillery batteries have helped the SAA offensive gain momentum and even Western experts are using the word “cauldron” to describe what is about to happen to the terrorists.

Whoever this unknown Russian soldier was, I salute the Russians’ willingness to risk their lives in defense of Syria. I also hope that Russia will increase its ground forces in Syria both to counter the American Special Forces and to guard against any reckless moves by the “Sultan of Chaos,” as Pepe Escobar calls Erdogan. And I’m thankful Ramzan Kadyrovhas sent in his feared Chechens to battle ISIS.

These are only some of the fronts in Syria’s war, yet on every front, Syria is either making dramatic advances or laying the groundwork for future advances. They are on the offensive against the terrorist stronghold of Daara. They are preparing an attack on Idlib Province.

We can only hope that the coming months will bring further victories from the SAA and its allies Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq and the Russians. They are aided by masses of volunteers from the Syrians public who have joined the NDF militias and who have the important job of securing the recaptured territories so that the SAA can move on to further offensives. Victory to Syria!

Before I end, I’d also like to remember the heroic people of Yemen who are battling the Axis of Chaos, and against all the odds managing not just to survive but to inflict terrible punishment on their invaders.

And sadly, I must warn of a grave danger to Libya where Western powers are planning to re-invade on the excuse of battling ISIS when they are the ones who installed ISIS to occupy the former Green Resistance stronghold of Sirte. We must oppose any second invasion of Libya under the phony excuse of battling the terrorists that NATO itself put in charge of the country.

And of course we must keep a close eye on Venezuela, where fascism threatens to seize control of the country and destroy the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution. Last month the fascists murdered prominent loyalist journalist Ricardo Durant, another in the seemingly endless list of victims of Operation Condor/Phoenix Program.

In Argentina, fascism is already on the rampage. Amidst such grim news, the continued victories of the SAA provide a beacon of hope for the world and an example of heroic struggle. No matter the odds against them, they have refused to surrender, and the people of the world must follow this example if we ever hope to end this Empire of Chaos before it decides to end the world.


I highly recommend the book, Assad: The Struggle for the Middle East, by Patrick Seale, on Syria’s heroic history. And Tim Anderson’s definitive book on the topic The Dirty War on Syria is now available in e-format at Global Research.


Subscribe to Eric Draitser’s Youtube channel. Every Sunday, he appears on Don Debar’s CPR Sunday as a guest with Mark Sleboda for an hour-long discussion, and Syria is usually the main topic – a must listen for those following the war. It usually appears a couple days later.

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