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Vice President Biden’s Foot-in-Mouth Disease is Out of Remission

Posted on the 20 October 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

Vice President Joe Biden L'68

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   Vice President Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease is out of remission once again, and it seems that this reoccurring disorder is chronic. On October 18th, Joe Biden proved his moronic ignorance with a violent political rhetoric wish for critics of Obama’s Jobs Bill plan. He wished the wrath of robbery and rape upon those who oppose President Obama’s Jobs Bill, and once again controversy surrounds the dim-witted Democrat. His statement is a prime example of the egregious behavior being displayed in Congress and the White House administration these days –it is a ridiculous metaphor and beyond offensive. It is obvious the VP has no idea what the wrath of being robbed or raped feels like; how it haunts you for the rest of your life, causing pain and despair beyond normal comprehension.

Of course this is not the first time this loose-lip with no “filter” has spouted something stupid and offensive, but this metaphor may be the worst thus far. To insinuate that if Obama’s Jobs Bill is not rammed down the throat of Americans their risk of being robbed or raped will increase, or that if either were to happen it would be the direct result of opponents not passing this Bill, is reckless to say the least and Biden should be ashamed and admonished. Additionally, in essence he is inciting some entitled nut-job to commit such a hennas act –after all, they could not find a job, what else could they have possibly done? The logic used in this scare tactic is that of a simpleton which should not be allowed to speak in a public forum!

As a previous victim of this sort of intrusion I personally take offense to the “wish” of the VP. I have lived the horror of victimization, reaping the consequences of another’s actions; it is a horror of the mind I would wish upon no one. And, to hear the Vice President wish this infliction upon another simply for political gain turns my stomach. To “wish” the nightmares, metal torment, shame, and fear of victimization upon another is barbaric and heartless. Vice President Biden owes me and all Americans a public apology; furthermore, I think he should be removed from office –or at the least, his mouth duck-tapped in public!

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