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Vetting Donald Trump...Deceit, Lies & Hypocrisy

Posted on the 20 May 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"The only thing worse than a Liar is a Liar that's also a Hypocrite" ~~ Tennessee Williams
A man who loves to know someone's deepest secrets but refuses to reveal any of his is called a first class the case of Donald Trump...a very creepy hypocrite with no class at all.
The "Vetting" of Candidates whether for President or VP, is essentially a background check procedure to check out how clean a Candidate's Closet might be before he or she is picked to lead a's to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, for authenticity, and for the validity
of a candidate. In other words, to see if the candidate is qualified to
push that Red Button...or not!
 Yes, to find any "Bombshells" before they explode on the candidates face in front of the world. A not toon distant past example: the late Tom Eagleton's Mental Health and his Electroshock Treatments. And in today's global information superhighway? those bombshells are just a Google search away!
Master Donald doesn't want to get vetted...and he certainly doesn't want to show off his Taxes. It's not about how filthy rich this spoiled schmuck is, but about how much a horseshit artist, this horseshit artist really is. "Nobody is interested in my Tax Returns" No? reeeaally!?!?
How much worse can The Trumpster's personal life be, that he won't even allow his own Campaign Manager to vet him? How much worse than all the public scandals he's had involving his private life? A critic of Bill Clinton's infidelity, when his own libido has cost him 2 marriages and numerous spats? To the Trumpster, infidelity is a normal recurring going bankrupt every certain amount of years, and then start off fresh with a new wife!
His story? He marries a green card immigrant, just like his own mother was, and has a anchor baby just like him! and like those he wants to boot out of this country! Then he cheats on wife #1 Ivana, with wife #2 Marla...but not before Ivana takes him to court on Rape charges, where money, influence, and shyster lawyers can get you an acquittal on the argument that there's is no such thing Marital Rape! Ahhyup! the Trumpster is now legally allowed to rape the hell out of his wives as often as he wants! and they cannot complain cause raping your legal as far as Trump is concerned!
And finally, enters his latest conquest...another immigrant!...wife #3 Melania. And his immoral circus lifestyle just continues on its merry way! HL Mencken once said that Immorality is the Morality of those who are having a better time. Trump is a shining example of Mencken's own thoughts.
Background Checks for a man who publicly brags about his Misogyny and Gynephobia, and very proud of his immoral mistreatment of women? A Xenophobe who's hatred of foreigners hypocritically excuses those he does business with. And a Racist and Bigot, whose lousy treatment of employees have been recorded more than numerous times!...the Donald is your quintessential habitually lying Demagogue whose rants and love of Fascism have inspired old White Supremecists and a whole new generation of Right Wing Nut Jobs, to come out of the closet and publicly endorse, support, and even work for Le Grande Orange by making robocalls and door to door schpeils on his behalf!!
How bad can anything else be, from what the world already knows about this character? He's been a bad boy all his life, so what's new? Military Schools has been a great gathering ground for rotten rich
spoiled kids forever!...especially for parents whose kids are beyond rotten. But apparently Fred Trump's attempt in correcting his much as he tried... was a total failure. He was and he still remains beyond the beyond what a rotten human being can be. He has no ethical values or standards, no morals, and no why doesn't he reveal his Taxes?
Taxes! a very dirty word for Donald Trump! Could it be he's not worth what he brags? Could it be dirty business dealings that can get uncovered? or Could it be he doesn't pay taxes? as per the latest chit chat rumors inside the Beltway's grapevine.
In today's world, you can run for office, but you can't hide from your personal life of Lies and Deceit....he has a court date on a Class Action Lawsuit on the first day of the Convention, for defrauding Students in his failed Trump University!...another in the ever growing
list of failed Trump businesses.
Ahhyup! sooner or later you 'will' be vetted, fool! Whether by Republican pressure itself or the
Ballot Box!...either're gonna lose!
Trump's Political Advisers Wanted to Vet Him. He Said No. | Mother Jones

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