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Very Exciting News!

By Kalamitykelli @venuscorpiogirl

One of the things I haven’t shared with you all is that I help administer a social program in our state that helps the elderly and disabled remain in their homes instead of going to a nursing home so soon. When I first began working in the program 8 years ago, I noticed that the backbone of the program were Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) – at least that’s what we call them in our state. They may be called Home Health Assistants in your’s. I also noticed that very few regarded the PCAs with respect, their pay is very low, and while employers and others expected professional behavior while no one modeled it. I asked to conduct a conference where not only would they learn professional behavior, but we could recognize the best of the best. In April, we will be conducting our 5th annual conference. On a whim, I asked our governor to speak. She is the first female governor in our state and I felt it would help if they could see a successful woman in a place of power honoring them.

I honestly did not think she would EVER say yes, but today she did! I’m a little anxious about how we will change the agenda around but I am sure everyone will understand and want to do it. This means the media will come and maybe even notice the PCAs through the bravada surrounding the governor.

Sorry, no pictures, no recipes, or DIY how-tos….just a little joy in victory for the hard working and fastest growing work force in the U.S.

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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