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Venus in Libra Trine Jupiter in Gemini - Spread the Love Around

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This aspect is now active until around 10th November.

In the middle of all the stressful eclipse aspects coming up, Mercury retrograde which can cause disruption and Venus' recent connection with the Uranus Pluto square which would have stirred up problems in relationships, now Venus in it's home sign starts to connect in a lovely trine to Jupiter.

This is lazy, easy going, flirtatious and fun; just about what we need right now, especially for those of you in the US who have endured Super Storm Sandy and the barrage of TV ads, phone calls and emails all in the aid of your Presidential Election. This is the ultimate de-stress aspect and a chance to have fun with and be generous to the one you love or to find a new friend to hook up with. Go out, meet people, socialize and enjoy, for more stress lies in wait for us all as November progresses.

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